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"Pumpkin Yarn Bowl With Storage 3D Printed  Medium and Large bowls perfect for your projects!  Measurements  Medium Bowl - 6\" x 6\" x 4\" Large Bowl - 8.5\" x 8.5\" x 5.5\" We offer 20+ different colors - solid, two-tone, rainbow, matte, silk, and glow in the dark - and are constantly searching for new, exciting colors.  Rainbow filament colors vary and change every 3-5 meters in length. Print size affects the number of color changes - bigger prints use more filament and have more color changes
ZERO-gurumi!! Pattern by BERTORULEZ


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Kids can build, play, and display 3 beach-themed models in the LEGO Creator Tropical Ukulele (31156) 3 in 1 playset. A great gift idea for girls and boys aged 8+, it features a ukulele on a beach scene stand, with 2 colorful flowers and grass. The instrument toy can be detached from the stand and has 4 plastic strings that vibrate when strummed. This LEGO Creator 3 in 1 set gives kids 3 different build-and-play experiences using the same bricks. They can build a ukulele instrument toy, rebuild i
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a person holding a toothpick in their left hand
Tutorial: Quick and dirty claws & teeth for dummies (like me)
DIY hen
#DIY #Purely handcrafted
a paper mache dog made out of beer bottles on top of a wooden table
Paper mache next..Fox Art ed central 8th grade
the cut out paper dollhouse has many different types of furniture
the paper doll has many items to make it look like they have bananas on them
alın belki lazım olurrrrr
the paper doll is made to look like it has many things on it
the paper doll is showing how to make it
Домик бумажный идея ❤🌠❤
😜📄 Funny Paper Craft : Paper Craft Aesthetic 😜📄
Unleash your creativity and sense of humor with this fun and whimsical paper craft. Your wacky paper monster is now ready to bring smiles and laughter! Display it proudly or create a whole family of funny paper creatures. This craft is all about embracing the joy of creativity and adding a touch of humor to your day. Have fun crafting! 😄🎨 music by TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™ #craftaesthetic #craftsaesthetic #crafts #craftsforkids #craftideas #crafters #crafterart
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