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Floods, Fires, And Power Outages- 30 Incredibly Easy Hacks That Could Someday Save Your Life

You'll definitely want to know these!

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Nettle, Hemp, Flex and Willow Fibers Nettle – In spring some stalks of grasses and nettle are broken by the wind or too dry in summer, some places have to exfoliate the top layers of the cort…

Explosive Tipped Crossbow Bolt

Testing some homemade explosive tipped arrows. COUPON CODE for Exploding Targets. Use code "Demolition" for 15% off entire order. http://www.last-man.net Fol...

15 Ways To Purify Water In A Survival Scenario | Urban Survival Site

Other than oxygen and shelter, water is the most important necessity for survival. That's why we need to learn many ways to purify water.

Popular Mechanics Aug 1944 1 Tipi

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How To Buy Ex-Military & Government Equipment & Vehicles At Very Low Prices

Are you interested in some ex-government and ex-military vehicles and equipment? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as below, I will tell you how you can get hold of some high-quality ex-government and military equipment and vehicles. Firstly though, I should state that there are no ex-military weapons available for sale here. There […]


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FM 3-55.93 Long Range Unit Surveillance Operations - $9.95 : My ARMY Publications, Resources for the U.S. Army - field manuals, flashcards, army training manuals

My ARMY Publications FM 3-55.93 Long Range Unit Surveillance Operations - dated Jun 2009 This manual is primarily written for US Army long-range surveillance units (LRSU) and other Infantry reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) units. It is also provided for use by corps, division, brigade combat team (BCT); battlefield surveillance brigade (BFSB); and reconnaissance and surveillance squadron commanders and staffs; instructors of US

Wood Gasification - Midwest Permaculture

Why we are using Wood Gasification in our permaculture design for the CSC. It can be used as a gasoline substitute, making it a sustainable, locally grown alternative to fossil fuel.

12 Places To Hide Your Survival Supplies During Martial Law

If the government declares martial law, they may go door to door searching for hidden survival supplies. Here's where to hide them.

9 Ways to Store Meat Without Refrigeration - Homestead Survival Site

There are many ways of preserving meat without electricity and are feasible for people with root cellars and people living in inner city apartments.

Perimeter Alarm, Trip Wire, Booby Trap

Perimeter Alarm, Trip Wire, Booby Trap: I have a building about 300 feet from my residence. This building is a shed that houses lawn equipment, snow removal equipment, a pickup truck and misc. tools and fuel. The shed was built for storage and is not easy to secure (there is a 1 foot gap …

DIY Survival Flare Grenade

Most survival kits do not include this item, but I personally think that it is important to have at least one of these. The reason being ...

Sunday Gunday: 11 Homemade Guns That Will Churn Your Stomach

Intrepid basement-workshop gunsmiths try to make their own for various reasons. These 11 homemade guns sadly missed the mark completely.

9 Weapons (Besides Guns) That Could Save Your Life

The purpose of this article is to teach you about the many types of weapons (other than guns) that you can use to defend yourself.

Power in the Apocalypse (How to Build a Wood-Gasifier)

Power in the Apocalypse (How to Build a Wood-Gasifier): In this Instructable I will be showing you the steps I used to build my Wood/Biomass Gasifier. It was really a fun project and I would encourage anyone serious about preparedness to build one. Now in case you don't know what a Gasifier is (and don't…