Rosette Leis Philippines

Rosette Leis made for events, guest speakers, honorary guests, and political figures
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a pink and gold brooch with the letter k on it
Elegant Gold Rosette Leis | Philippines
This golden rosette leis will surely be a head turner in any event. Highlight your special guest's importance by making them stand out with these rosette leis. #graduationleis #handcraft #craft #rosetteleis #picoftheday #followme
a pink and black ribbon with the letter f on it's center surrounded by silver ribbons
Black and White Rosette Ribbon Leis | Graduation Necklace
Got a big event soon? Spice up your event with these amazing welcoming leis. Your guests will surely appreciate receiving such elegantly handcrafted rosette leis. #graduationleis #handcraft #craft #rosetteleis #picoftheday #followme
the monogrammed ribbon is attached to a pair of suspenders that are yellow and white
Gold, Yellow, and White Rosette Leis Design
Proudly made in the Philippines by LikhaDito Arts and Crafts Team. This combination of Yellow, White, and Gold will surely be a head-turner in any event. #artsandcraftsph #artsandcraftsupplies #conferencespeaker #graduationgifts
Classic Rosette Leis
Our classic-tier rosette leis starts at ₱150 per piece for bulk orders. #follow #art #instadaily #inspiration
a woman's waist belt with a yellow flower on the front and blue ribbon around it
Fililipino Lei
A Filipino-inspired rosette lei made by LikhaDito Team #craft #DIY #handmade #rosettelei #guestlei
Наградная розетка Валерия Award Ribbon, Trophies, Corsages, Corsage
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Наградная розетка Валерия
a red, yellow and orange ribbon with a silver circle on it's center
a black, white and silver flower with monogrammed letters on the center is shown
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an origami flower on a wooden surface with purple and white ribbons around it
a decorative black and white flower with tassels