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Fujifilm XT2 review

The Fujifilm XT2 is a high-end mirrorless camera aimed at demanding enthusiasts. Announced in July 2016, it comes two and a half years after the camera it replaces, the XT1. Officially, the new XT2

Been contemplating getting the "new" metal lens hood for the 23 mm f/1.4. Rationally it is not the most economical… | Cameras, Cameras and Cool Cameras | Pinterest | Camera gear, Camera and Photography

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Valerie Jardin and the X100F in Minneapolis (USA)

Explore more with the new FUJIFILM X100F. All footage captured with the FUJIFILM X-T2's 4K. Get out on the streets with X-Photographer Valerie Jardin as she...

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Fujifilm X-T2 Hands-on Photos | Photography Blog

A gallery of hands-on photos of the Fujifilm X-T2 compact system camera.

Meeting with the photographer Joel Meyerowitz - Milan 2013/10/28

Auditorium San Fedele, Milano 26 ottobre 2013, ore 17.30:Lectio Magistralis di Joel Meyerowitz.Joel Meyerowitz ha scoperto la fotografia come destino a New Y...

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Fuji X100F In Havana - The Perfect Street Camera?

I spent a week shooting street in Havana with the new Fuji X100F and I can tell you this camera gets a lot right! 24 MP XTrans 3 sensor, improved EVF/OVF, re...

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My Fujifilm X100F Kodak Ektar 100 Film Simulation Recipe

When Fuji X Weekly reader Jackie asked if I could make a film simulation recipe that mimics the look of Kodak Ektar 100 film, I thought that it would be a simple task. Classic Chrome is halfway the…

My Fujifilm JPEG Settings & 7 Custom Settings

My Fujifilm JPEG Settings & 7 Custom Settings you can use yourself. In this video, I go through in detail the seven custom settings I have in all my Fujifilm...

Fuji X100F Review: The Disappearing Camera in 2020 — Shark & Palm

How did this expensive little fixed-lens point and shoot win over the hearts, minds, and wallets of so many working professionals – and is it really as good as everybody says ? Find out what makes the Fuji X100F such a compelling every day carry (and why it might be the camera for you).

Fuji X100F: My Go-To ACROS Settings — The Broketographers

I've always shot almost entirely JPEG on all of my Fuji cameras over the years; mostly because the JPEGs look so good straight out of camera, that I don't usually have to do much (if any) editing, and also because the small Fuji cameras I've owned over the years have been more "walkaround"

The X-Factor: How the Fujifilm X-Series Changed a Company and an Industry

There's a good chance you're sick of reading about Fujifilm this week. But with the fever-pitch buzz surrounding the release of the X-T1, it's not often th

9 Gründe, warum du im RAW-Modus fotografieren solltest.

Fotografieren im RAW-Modus Manchmal wäre so eine Fee echt praktisch. Du weißt schon, die mit den drei Wünschen. Wenn ich heute einen Wunsch für meine Fotografie frei hätte, würde ich mir wünschen, schon viel früher im RAW-Format fotografiert zu haben. Manchmal werden wir gefragt, was für uns die größte Veränderung in unserer fotografischen Laufbahn war.

My Fujifilm X100F Ilford HP5 Plus Film Simulation Recipe

Back when I shot lots of film, my favorite black-and-white options were Ilford Delta 100, and Ilford Delta 400 when “high ISO” was necessary, as back then I considered ISO 400 to be hig…

Fuji Film Simulations: Best Recipes for Portraits, Street, Landscape, and More — Shark & Palm

Fuji’s film simulations aren’t just a filter you slap on. They’re unique to the Fuji ecosystem, endlessly customizable, and react in wildly different ways to different colors, light, tones and textures, and occasionally faithfully emulate classic film stocks. Here are the ones you need to know.

My Fujifilm X100F Acros Push-Process Film Simulation Recipe

Back in the days before digital photography I’d sometimes push-process my black-and-white film. The technique involved underexposing the film (typically by one or two stops) and then developi…