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Close up of a White Linen gin cocktail with curly cucumber ribbon and lemon slice garnish at the top, with another pulled back view of the drink below. Bold text in between says "White linen gin cocktail". Gin, Fresco, Gin Elderflower Cocktail, Lime Cocktail Recipes, Gin Cocktail Recipes, Simple Gin Cocktails, Cocktail Drinks Recipes, Easy Gin Cocktails, Simple Cocktail Recipes
White Linen cocktail, the perfect elderflower and gin drink for summer
The White Linen cocktail is a crisp and refreshing gin cocktail! With St Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and fresh cucumber, this tasty recipe is perfect for summer. Elegant enough for a garden party, but simple enough to enjoy at home on a lazy summer afternoon. This is such a good poolside drink, but it would also go so well as a wedding signature cocktail. Cheers!
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two glasses filled with lemonade and ice
lemon and lime mintade
lemon and lime mintade – smitten kitchen
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perfect, forever cornbread
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