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Your Mind Place

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Your Mind Place Naturally Drug-Free Therapy utilizing a unique mix of Hypnosis, NLP, Sound Therapy, Counselling Find Your Best YOU

Kim Atkins
Quit Smoking Weed - Your Mind Place Why Quit Smoking, Smoking Weed, Fear Factor, Stop Smoke, Drug Free, Free Therapy, Drugs, Finding Yourself, Told You So

Why Quit Smoking - Your Mind Place

What’s the number one reason why you should Quit Smoking? If I tell you that cigarettes can cause cancer, you’re not going to be surprised. In fact, once you’re hooked it’s very difficult to maintain the fear factor necessary to make quitting a priority, even when you’ve been warned about cancer, asthma, emphysema… You’ve heard …

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Health Impacts of Bulimia - Your Mind Place

Bulimia and Your Health. Everyone knows the dreadful impact Bulimia has on your health. It wrecks your teeth, burns your esophagus; causes swollen glands, calloused knuckles, joint pain, depression, anxiety and so much more. Worse yet, left unchecked, it upsets the delicate balance of electrolytes leaving you at risk of a sudden heart attack, vital …

Karl Smith Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Stop Smoking In 6 Minutes Reasons To Quit Smoking, Help Quit Smoking, Nicotine Patch, Stop Smoke, The Next Big Thing, Medical Help, Drug Free, Free Therapy, Lists To Make

Quit Smoking Help - Your Mind Place

You have probably tried to quit smoking any number of times and have reached a point where you fear that it could be impossible to quit and stay quit. Do not despair! It’s time to get some Quit Smoking Help! All those previous attempts at quit smoking have only taught you how best not to …

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Bulimia Nervosa - Your Mind Place

Bulimia takes over your life. Not only does bulimia put a stranglehold on your health it slowly but surely creeps up and steals your life. You know what I mean? Before you realize it you find that instead of enjoying time with your friends you find yourself looking for polite ways to leave events early …

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Break Free from Bulimia - What is involved? - Your Mind Place

I want to break free of my Bulimia debilitating eating disorder. What is Involved? I offer this program for bulimia, binging and eating disorders: regular on-going counselling in once weekly sessions. These sessions are for 90 minutes and also include hypnosis. I have had many clients finish with their bulimia within three months of embarking …

How to grow great grass Growing Wheat Grass, Stop Smoke, Drug Free, Free Therapy, Smoking, Mindfulness, Clouds, Places, Nature

How To Grow Great Grass! - Your Mind Place

To learn how to quit smoking pot in an easy and effective way please click here. To learn how to grow the freshest, greenest, most luscious wheatgrass ever – mould free – read on… If you have ever tried growing wheatgrass then you know that at certain times of the year it is very susceptible …

Quit Smoking Hypnosis for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired - Your Mind Place Hearing Impaired, Stop Smoke, Drug Free, Free Therapy, Smoking, Finding Yourself, Mindfulness, Tobacco Smoking, Consciousness

Quit Smoking Hypnosis for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired - Your Mind Place

Quit Smoking Hypnosis can also work for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired At Your Mind Place, we use vision and relaxation to get you into trance in order to activate the power of hypnosis. Trance is a natural state that all people pass into and out of during their day. Some time ago when I …

Ready to Kick the Pot Habit? - Your Mind Place Marijuana Leaves, Stop Smoke, Leaves Vector, Drug Free, Free Therapy, Abstract Backgrounds, Plant Leaves, Kicks, Finding Yourself

Ready to Kick the Pot Habit? - Your Mind Place

LET ME HELP YOU QUIT POT TODAY AND STAY QUIT FOR LIFE ***No Stress*** ***No Downtime*** ***No Major Lifestyle Adjustments*** Just you, me and your desire to quit. IF POT SMOKING IS TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE, IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION. GET YOUR LIFE BACK NOW AND KICK THE POT HABIT! Pot wrecks your memory, …

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Pot Testimonials - Your Mind Place

Your Mind Place – Stop Smoking “It’s two years since I went to Sharon now. I am in my forties and I was a casual pot smoker for many years. I had tried many times to quit before but just wasn’t able to do it on my own. With Sharon I quit in just one …