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Budgeting & Finances

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Katelyn Salvato
Hoping to learn how to save money? To put you on track toward saving money, we gathered 31 actionable tips you can do every day for a month. Money Saving Challenge, Money Saving Tips, Saving Ideas, Financial Planner, Financial Goals, Good Credit Score, Money Talks, Quick Money, Budgeting Finances

31 Money-Saving Tips to Conquer Your Financial Goals This Month

Maybe you’ve made “saving money” a resolution for 2020. It’s one that’s really tough to follow through on, often because we associate saving with skimping. Depriving ourselves. Eating Ramen noodles for dinner. The first step toward saving money is reframing the entire concept of saving money. It’s time to try viewing it not as being cash-strapped, but as reallocating your funds.

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6 Cheap Ways to Practice Self-Care, According to Finance Experts

A friend once told me that her best self-care tip was to overestimate the time that it takes her to do most tasks. As a result, she doesn’t feel rushed and stressed throughout the day and she usually ends up with extra pockets of time to simply relax.Her take on self-care was refreshing because so often, self-care, a $10 billion industry, is seen as synonymous with splurging.

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8 Easy Habits That Will Help You Confront Your Debt in the New Year

A mindset shift won't make that balance smaller, but it can help you stay motivated in the long run.

We've rounded up nine of the best money-saving hacks to help you with your personal finances. Each one is designed to change the way you act or think to give you a little leg up on deciding where your money goes day after day and year after year. Money Saving Meals, Best Money Saving Tips, Money Saving Challenge, Save Money On Groceries, Ways To Save Money, Money Tips, Budgeting Finances, Budgeting Tips, Money Envelope System

The 9 Best Money-Saving Personal Finance Hacks

Each one is designed to change the way you act or think to give you a little leg up on deciding where your money goes day after day and year after year.

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6 Easy Ways to Avoid Home-Related Financial Mistakes, According to Reddit

Designing a space to suit your personal style can be costly, so it’s important to recognize where you can prevent unnecessary spending. The tricky part: sometimes you don’t even know you’re making a financial mistake until the deed is done (i.e. buying a couch full priced that was also unknowingly listed on Craigslist—been there).

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7 Pieces of Financial Advice You Should Ignore Right Now, According to Experts

With the US unemployment rate at 8.4 percent and approximately one million new people filing for unemployment each week, money can be a scary thing to think about. It’s especially terrifying for those who have lost wages and are facing an uncertain winter, so five financial experts shared which money rules you can ignore during these Unprecedented Times™. Don’t think about the future.

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6 Tiny Mindset Shifts to Improve Your Relationship With Money, According to Experts

Even small mindset shifts can help achieve bigger financial goals over time. Here are six of them.

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9 Industry Secrets That Can Save You Major Money at Home, According to Redditors

You might even avoid a house call altogether.

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5 Money-Saving Styling Tricks to Steal from the New IKEA Catalog

You don’t have to watch hours of HGTV to learn some new smart, cost-cutting moves for your home. As it turns out, they’re right there among the well-priced pieces in IKEA’s new 2021 catalog. Along with all the sofas, tables, lamps, bins, and baskets are sneaky storage solutions, wallet-friendly styling ideas, and surprising ways to totally transform a space with only a minimal number of pieces (Hint: white pegboard is your best friend going forward).

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8 Venmo Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Did you know you can politely nudge friends to pay up?

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Hey, It’s OK If You Don’t Have Perfect Finances by Age 30

Ah, turning 30—what an infamous milestone. For many, this birthday is a time to reflect on your life so far. It can feel like a crummy reminder that youth has an expiration date, and that all the choices you made in your twenties have very real consequences. On the flip side, it’s also just a number. While it may seem like someone in their thirties should have a house, a spouse, a kid, and maybe a decent investment portfolio, that’s just not the reality for most.

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The Real Reason Finance Experts Are So Obsessed With Coffee

Why are personal finance experts so fixated on how much we spend on coffee, anyway? Sure, you could brew you own cuppa at home that costs less than the one your local barista serves up, but let’s get real: Not buying a cup of coffee each morning won’t make you rich, despite all the headlines you may have read.

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Yes, You Can Become a Person Who Has a Budget (in 10 Easy Steps)

You’ve probably heard some or all of these bits of advice a thousand times by now: Never spend more than you make, start saving for retirement yesterday, don’t spend money you don’t have, create an emergency fund for a rainy day, always live within your means. The list goes on and on.OK, so most of us know what we should be doing with our money. But why aren’t you actually, you know, doing it?

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79 Things You Never Need to Spend Money On, If You Don't Want To

From unnecessary fees to pet toys.

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5 Money-Saving Habits I’ve Adopted During COVID-19 That Are Definitely Worth Keeping

As a freelance writer, with about half of my income coming from travel writing, I had some major economic anxiety at the start of COVID. Travel was on pause—and so were many of my assignments.Like me, nearly nine out of 10 people say COVID-19 has caused them to stress about their financial situation, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education. Specifically, not having enough in emergency savings, shaky job security, and income fluctuations are top concerns.

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3 Finance Experts Share the One Life Event That Shaped Their Views on Money

For some, personal finance comes easily. Creating a budget spreadsheet? No problem. Living within one’s means? Easy! But for others (and maybe even the vast majority of folks), financial mistakes more often than not turn into learning experiences. It’s not uncommon for someone to not know the first thing about personal finance until they need to budget to pay off their student debt, or until they’re working towards meeting a goal such as buying a house.