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Брошь «Золотой снитч» Гарри Поттер
How to stitch a sparkle star | Life with Bess
a piece of art made out of beads with flames coming out of the top and bottom
bro went to war
bro went to war
a brooch with beads on it sitting on a white cloth background, in the shape of a snow globe
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Crystal ball embroidery pin.Hand embroidery pin.witchy pin.
a heart shaped brooch with pearls on it's sides and a moon in the middle
Beads, Jewellery, Jewelry, Bead Art
Witch Gift, Halloween Jewelry, Witchy, Potion Bottle, Pin Jewelry
a painting of a woman drinking from a cup next to a dog on the floor
Bryce Quinlan
Tela, Vintage Embroidery, Couture Embroidery
a close up of a brooch with beads and other things on it's surface
an image of a skull made out of woven material
an embroidered heart is displayed on a white cloth
two brooches that are sitting on a marble counter top, one has beads and the other has pearls
Брошь "Медуза" В наличии
the beaded flower is sitting next to some beads and thread on a piece of paper
a cross stitch pattern with a rainbow in the middle and stars around it on a pink background
Bead Embroidered Rainbow by jedicatlady
a table topped with lots of different types of embroidery and other crafting supplies on top of a wooden table
Женя's magic space 🪐
Женя's magic space 🪐, [20 апр. 2024 в 07:15] Ленивый субботний контент 💙 ✈️ доброе субботнее! Я к вам с новой порцией ленивого вдохновения 🫶 … а еще с парочкой его «ленивых» источников: ⚫легким рисованием ⚫вышиванием ⚫флористикой Смена деятельности — один из видов отдыха, поэтому очень советую вам выбрать что-то из этого списка, держу пари, вам понравится 💙 📌 А что позволяет вам разгрузить голову и черпать вдохновение? Делитесь в комментариях 🫶 ➡️ ПроДвижение каналов
Beautifully embroidered spider
an elaborate stained glass window in the shape of a cathedral, with multiple colored beads hanging from it's sides
Art of embroidery-Gothic stain glass cathedral window by DragonLoverArt
Celestial Embroidery Inspiration
Sterne mit Metallicgarnen sticken
10 Sterne ganz einfach sticken lernen
two painted black and yellow frogs on a white plate with gold trim around the edges
an image of two hands on top of each other in a circular frame with string
This Facebook Page Got 1 Million Followers By Sharing Cool Embroidery Projects, And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones
a person holding up a hand embroidered picture with a waterfall in the middle and green water below
an eyeball is shown in this artistic photograph with colored thread on it and the iris visible
Hand Embroidery By Katerina Marchenko
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to a piece of artwork
some very pretty yellow flowers on a big piece of cloth with green leaves and stems
a cross stitch project with scissors and thread on the table next to it is an embroidered lighthouse
an artistically painted wooden box with trees in the background and snow on the ground
an embroidered sunburst with gold thread on a wooden hoop hanging from a plant
KaylaDesignStudioCo - Etsy
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Gold beaded sunshine wall hanging #gold #birthday #white #bedroom #bohemianeclectic #wall #nursery #newbaby #beads
someone is stitching an aurora bore in the night sky with their hand embroidery project
I'm Very Proud Of My First Two-Hoop Design!