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New article about cognitive distortions, biased ways of thinking.
a green background with the words dear me, i know you're scared, but you can handle this love me
Pin by 🖤 on words | Positive quotes, Inspirational quotes, Life quotes
a poster that says say this out loud and i am sorry to everyone in the world
Self Affirmation
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a piece of paper with writing on it that says dear me, don't fall back into your old patterns just because they familiar love me
growing and glowing
Common Causes for ADHD Shame (Things we shouldn't actually feel bad about)
Zoning out
Leaving things unfinished & messy
Info dumping about our hyperfixation
Needing reassurance
Difficulties with daily functioning
Struggling to focus on things that aren't interesting
Feeling "behind in life" (Where's the race?)
By Coaching With Brooke Organisation, Tips, Care, Asd, Easy, Aspie, Neuro, Wellness
Common Causes for ADHD Shame (Things we shouldn't actually feel bad about)
Mindful SNACK Coping Skills, Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation Music, Stress Reliever, Mindfulness Activities
How to Take a Mindful S.N.A.C.K. Moment
Mindful SNACK
ADHD, Saving Tips, ADHD and Finances
ADHD and Saving
Want to manage your finances better with ADHD? Check out our website for more tips and resources on saving money and building a stronger financial future. Don't let ADHD hold you back from achieving your goals - click now to learn more! 💰💻
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Boundaries list
the growth minds self talk poster
An SEL Smorgasbord
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Counseling, Mental And Emotional Health
Stop Self-Sabotaging
10 Things You Should Know About Codependency
10 Things You Should Know About Codependency
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leiberann | VSCO
three different colored monsters painted on paper with the words worry monsters in front of them
Worry Group Activity: Deep Breathing to Make Worry Monsters
Help your students in worry group personify their worries by making a worry monster with watercolors and a deep breathing exercise! Students will learn two helpful strategies to manage worries in small group counseling or individual counseling.
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17 Ways to Get to Know Yourself Better - Soul Warriors | Life Design by Liz Connors
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Anxiety Free Resources
Adhd Strategies, Adhd Help, Adhd Problems
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How to Find Your Self Love Language and Love Yourself Effectively
a poster with the words 10 minutes to let your mind wander who knows where it might lead?
Printable Guided Journal Pages — Christie Zimmer
Include this in the chill out zone for year 5+
Blog — Change Counseling Negative Emotions, Health Problems, Getting Things Done, Health Habits, My Struggle, Task, To Do List
Blog — Change Counseling
Blog — Change Counseling
Coping With Stress, Ways To Relieve Stress, Dealing With Stress, Stress And Anxiety, Stress Relief Tips, How To Relieve Stress, Stress Management
How To Deal With Stress: 9 Healthy Habits for 2024 - Shopify
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10 Best Hobbies for People with Anxiety to Calm You Down Instantly
Healthy Coping Skills | Mental Health | Therapy | School Counselor | Homeschool | Child Psychology
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6 things I do to help my ADHD time blindness - The ADHD Homestead
推文 / Twitter
推文 / Twitter
an ad with the caption that reads,'what happens when you sleep? looks like feels like
Made a new comic for World Mental Health Day + ADHD Awareness Month!
Mental Health Quotes, Anxiety Quotes, Positive Affirmations Quotes, Health Quotes
Pretty, Plus and Proud
Confidence, Deep
19 Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence — Follow Your Own Rhythm
Affirmation Quotes, Morning Affirmations, Positive Thinking
35 Calming Positive Affirmations for Anxiety + Printables! - NunziaDreams
35 Calming Positive Affirmations for Anxiety + Printables! - NunziaDreams
Leadership, Vise
A Self-Soothing Guide
Self Talk, Quotes On Emotions
5 Wellness Tips for Feeling Lonely | Self-Love Rainbow
Prove your humanity
Prove your humanity
Exercises to lose your FUPA | ab exercises
Wellness Tools - BEAM
Wellness Tools - BEAM