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a white bowl filled with pasta and meat sauce on top of a wooden cutting board
Bolognese Sauce
Bolognese Sauce
some meatballs and pasta in a pan on a table
a tray filled with tacos and other foods
beef and peppers cooking in a wok with a wooden spatula on the side
Best ever Pepper Steak Recipe. Much better than take out.
This Chicken Noodle Soup Is So Good, Our Coworkers Were Lined Up Asking For A Bowl
Irresistible Crispy Chicken Alfredo: A Flavorful Twist to a Classic! 🍗🧀
Elevate your pasta night with a delightful twist! Our crispy chicken Alfredo recipe adds a crunchy and savory dimension to the classic Alfredo dish. Indulge in a burst of flavors with tender chicken and creamy Alfredo sauce - a perfect comfort meal. #ChickenAlfredo #CrispyChicken #PastaRecipe #ComfortFood #DeliciousDinner
Who needs a fancy restaurant when you can whip up this Spinach Chicken Alfredo at home!
a plate filled with french fries covered in cheese and bacon
110+ Super Bowl Party Food Ideas and Appetizers
a pan filled with meat and peppers on top of a stove
Beef stir fry
Pasta Backen, Kochen, Pretty Food, Rezepte, Cuisine
Tuscan chicken pasta
a person holding chopsticks over some dumplings on a black plate with dipping sauce
Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings
These pan fried dumplings or potstickers have the most irresistible crispy bottoms and a super flavorful juicy chicken and vegetables filling!
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Tuscan Chicken Pasta Healthy Recepie
19min · 4 servings Ingredients : -8 oz penne pasta cooked according to package instructions -1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts pounded thin (about -1/2 an inch thick) -1 1/2 tablespoons Italian Seasoning divided -3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil divided -2 cloves garlic minced -1 small yellow onion diced -1 red bell pepper diced -1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes removed from their oil and cut into smaller pieces -1 tablespoon all purpose flour -1 cup chicken stock -1 cup half and half read what half and half is here -1/2 teaspoon kosher salt plus more for seasoning the chicken pinch of freshly ground black pepper plus more for seasoning the chicken -1/2 cup grated parmesan plus more for topping -6 ounces baby spinach Note: As you know i've just started on Pin