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All About Love

Collection by Joys of Joel


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Joys of Joel
Storms and Kisses , joys of joel poems, a poem about love and fears, love forecast Love Forecast, L Quotes, Writing Poetry, Love Poems, Storms, Kisses, Rainbow, Posters, Joy

Storms and Kisses

Storms and Kisses – Why do you expect a rainbow when you’re afraid of storms? Did i let all my fears stop you from being near? Why do you expect a sunrise when the moon didn’t say…

Throw in a penny So you can be my honey Do i need to throw a nickel So you can love me a little? It baffles me really Why you still ignore me Can i be your lover if i throw in a quarter? Poems Beautiful, Beautiful Love, My Love, Love Poems, Love Quotes, For Love Or Money, Rhyming Poems, Fountain, Coins

Coins In The Fountain #SoCS

Throw in a penny So you can be my honey Do i need to throw a nickel So you can love me a little? Throw in a dime Why can’t you be mine? It baffles me really Why you still ignore me Can i be y…

Life Poems, Life Quotes, Rhyming Poems, Beautiful, Joys of Joel Poems… Poems About Life, Life Poems, Weird Stories, Short Stories, Rhyming Quotes, Story Poems, Love Drive, L Quotes, Word Play

What is Life

Life is a lie when truth flies Life is truth when your eyes are blind Life is blind When joy hides Life is joy when love drives Life is love with all its flat tires. Truly life is not life w…

poem about addiction, love, passion, ambition, joys of joel poems Eternal Flame, Ambition, Poems, Freedom, Inspirational Quotes, Wisdom, Positivity, Passion, Joy

Eternal Flame

Blackhole and orange lights inducing its spiral sights Tricky gates of freedom leading to so called wisdom Circles in orange hues blocking the truthful views The music of its drums the promise of y…

stairs and highways, a poem about life, love and home, joys of joel poems, beautiful poem Poems About Life, National Poetry Month, Poems Beautiful, Writing Poetry, Love Poems, Life Images, Pathways, Stairs, Photography

Stairs and Highways

Stairs and highways – Stairs and highways bridges and flyovers Alleys and subways backstreets and pathways All roads lead me back to you even the Detour. Thanks. Copyright © 201…

How To Make Love Like A Porn Star quotes, quotes about relationships, joys of joel ramblings, book, relationship quotes L Quotes, Star Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Relationships, Of My Life, Author, Facts, Joy, Writing

Joys of Joel

The Poetry of My Life through My Writings and Journeys

Memoirs of A Sundrenched Horizon Poem Beautiful, Trusting Again, Second Chances, Love Poems, Memoirs, Prompts, Kisses, Awakening, Addiction

Memoirs of A Sundrenched Horizon

Memoirs of a sundrenched horizon Pave the way For blue sky to sprinkle its tears On petals that scarcely bloom Awakened from the tomb Of past not so distant Whispering in rhythm Speaking its voice …

beautiful poem, rhyming poem, quotes about betrayal, poem about betrayal, joys of joel poems Abusive Relationship, Toxic Relationships, Poems About Lies, Crush Quotes, Me Quotes, Rhyming Poems, Betrayal Quotes, Poems Beautiful, English Quotes


“Hello, do you remember me? I’m back in town.” You hear it on your mind while you see the sunset outside the window. The love you never tried The fears that live inside “Hey…

poem about bondage, addiction, slavery, joys of joel poems, dark poetry Poems Dark, Dark Poetry, L Quotes, Deceit, Submissive, Addiction, Joy, Glee, Being Happy

Embraced By The Bondage by Joel F

Slippery street to wisdom and knowledge Quivering spirit seldom acknowledged Beautiful orchids caged by deceit Tricky bees fulfilling the cheat. Drunken thrills of reverberating chills Across the m…

The Weatherman Is Not Always Right, poem about love's unpredictability Not Always Right, Writing Poetry, Love Poems, Dark Night, Joy, Poems Of Love, Glee, Being Happy, Happiness

The Weatherman Is Not Always Right

No rainfall No gloomy dark night The promise of a magical shooting star Warm breeze and a sun-drenched sky The weatherman is not always right. Kindly Click The Blue Link or Tap The Photo and…

My Unforgettable Purple Valentine Love Poems, Love Quotes, Happy Hearts Day, Heart Day, Writing Poetry, Sweet Memories, My Flower, Red Roses, How To Memorize Things

My Unforgettable Purple Valentine

Roses are red, but why am i still blue even when you gave me flowers on that memorable valentine’s dew? The sweet memories that i still hold on to long after that chocolate kisses i re…

Joys of joel rhyming poem, don't tell me you know me, beautiful love poems, beautiful love story, why you never understand me Beautiful Love Stories, Poems Beautiful, Rhyming Poems, I Know You Know, Syllable, Writing Poetry, Love Poems, Haiku, Tell Me

Don’t Tell Me You Know Me

I count the syllables to create a haiku I created a rhyme to write a poetry I write my thoughts so you’ll remember me You remember my words, but not my story You touch but never hold m…

quote about love, understanding, joys of joel quotes, tell me why Love Poems, Love Quotes, Goodbye Poem, Downtown Vancouver, Stop Light, Writing Poetry, Tell Me, Poem Beautiful, Joy

The Stop Light

I was walking in downtown Vancouver when I took this photo. Sometimes, an ordinary thing can flashback a memory, is it the stop light or just you on my mind? Should i stop and leave when the stop …