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Reformer Pilates Class Without Reformer saves money & time also wipes the floor
leg day warm up
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Fire Hydrant + Side Booty 🍑💥
🥵🔥 Add ankle weights to increase the intensity! Train from home or the gym following my video guided programs, with a written guide (printable). All programs can be accessed via the Teachable iOS app or via any browser! Learn more and join today, link in bio ✨ #sidebooty #glutes #gluteworkout #glutesworkout #strengthtraining #getfit #getfitwithme #getfitathome #getfit2023 #womensfitness #workoutplan #trainingplan #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #onlineworkout
Push Workout (Chest/Shoulders/Triceps)
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Women Fitness | Push day | women workout | fitness | Workout fitness challenge
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Full Body Workout!
Full body Friday Hiit cardio workout beginner friendly weight loss workout if u don’t like cardio
Brest firimg
Dumbbell BACK BURNOUT from Movement With Julie weekly workout plan 💪🏼🔥
THE KEY TO SEEING RESULTS IS SIMPLE… 1️⃣follow a PLAN (random workouts=random results) 2️⃣ schedule workouts into CALENDAR and stick with it (just like you do a dentist or a doctors appointment) 3️⃣get CONNECTED to a community of women (in person or virtual, but surrounding yourself with like-minded people is critical) You don’t need fancy machines and contraptions to get a killer workout in. I have consistently worked out at home since 2019 with basic “home-gym” essentials like: ▪️A Small Dedicated Space ▪️Dumbbells (a few variations - light/medium & heavy pair) OPTIONAL: ▪️Resistance Bands (they mimic cable movements)▪️Booty Pump Bands ▪️Bench (ideally that does incline/decline) (Click the highlight stories for my dumbbell, bench and band recommendations) ⚠️ you don’t e
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Dumbbell leg day workout 🥵
Need a plan? I’ve got you 💪🏼🥳 Dumbbell workouts are not only crazy convenient, especially as we head into the warmer busier months, but they’re just as effective as gym workouts if you’re doing them right and can truly be done just about anywhere!! I’ve seen: • in your bedroom or in home office • living room • unfinished or finished basement • garage • porch or deck when it’s nice The reason so many women find dumbbell workouts to be so crazy effective is because they’re able to stick CONSISTENT with them. Here’s what you can do them: • Before workday begins • During nap or playtime • After everyone has gone to bed Want to learn how? Join the weekly workouts group and I’ll send you 5 brand new workouts each week straight to your phone, all you have to do is S