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black and white photo of woman with large earrings
The Golden Year Collection
a close up of a person wearing a headscarf and red lipstick on her face
black and white photograph of a woman with short hair looking at the camera while wearing a bra
Natalie Wood
Pin Up, Haar, Girls, Beautiful, Donna, Fotos, Pinup, Black And White
Behind the scenes of Hollywood's golden era: Pictures of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Frank Sinatra relaxing on sets of their famous films go on show
Audrey Hepburn in (Sabrina 1954)
Marilyn Monroe Performing “Diamonds are a girls best friend”
a woman with a flower in her mouth sitting on the ground next to some stairs
i love natalie wood: Photo
Century 21’
a woman standing on top of a building next to tall buildings in the middle of a city
best of old hollywood on Twitter
a woman standing on top of a balcony next to tall buildings with her hand on the railing
Natalie Wood: Beauty & Style
the young woman is smiling while standing next to two men
natalie wood in west side story ( 1961 )
a black and white photo of a woman with her hands on her chest, wearing pearls
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