How to Succeed as a Solopreneur

Learning how to run and grow your business as a solopreneur will be so much easier with small business tools and resources to keep you organized and growing!
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When you think of your brand identity as a business tool for growth, you'll maximize your marketing efforts at every brand touch point.

Learn the 3 important roles your brand identity plays in growing your business.
How to grow your small business online using your brand identity
When you think of your brand identity as a business tool for growth, you'll maximize your marketing efforts at every brand touch point. Learn the 3 important roles your brand identity plays in growing your business.
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Brand Strategy Development Workbooks
Develop your own brand strategically with these 6 brand planner workbooks. 1. Brand Foundations 2. Understanding Your Audience 3. Market Distinction 4. Positioning Your Brand 5. Brand Personality 6. Market Like a Brand Each brand discovery workbook takes you through a strategic framework that leads to profound clarity that will propel your business forward. This is your opportunity to create the brand foundation for that next, more profitable chapter of your business.
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Branding vs Marketing: How to optimize your Marketing Strategy Framework
Brand vs marketing is simple but important. In this blog, I walk you through a marketing strategy framework that allows you to develop both your brand and content marketing strategies simultaneously to get you where you want to go, faster! By developing your brand and content marketing strategies together, you're able to double down on both, leading to a more memorable brand because of the underlying strategy that connects the two.
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Brand colour hierarchy and Retro Logo Designs
When your new branding features a strong, retro-inspired colour palette, you need those brand guidelines to help guide your marketing. Every brand identity design I create comes with a simple colour hierarchy to ensure they are able to increase brand awareness through simple consistent acts that make the brand easy to recognize, growing familiar with their target audience. Your brand is so much more than a logo. It's a business tool for growth!
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A Brand Strategist's Secrets to Online Business Success
When it comes to online business success, the secret recipe is really quite simple. But simple can be hard, can't it? Ditch perfection for consistency. Don't overanalyze, embrace creativity. Don't let your online business fall victim to trends. Instead, embrace your weirdness and leverage it! Authenticity and truth is going to unlock your superpower as a brand and business.
Optimize conversions by focusing on different levels of your brand experience — here’s how to do it
We’re all familiar with a traditional marketing funnel. Your brand experience works in a very similar way, except unlike a traditional marketing funnel, your brand experience focuses more specifically on the emotional connection. We remember things that connect with our emotions (i.e. increases memorability) Emotions are what encourage us to take action (i.e. increases conversions) Learn how to optimize your brand experience for more conversions
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The Best DIY Branding Masterclass Out There — for less than $40
Launching a business this year? If you're a personal brand or a startup business, it's vital to look professional and that means having a distinct brand identity. This DIY brand identity masterclass shows you how to brand yourself using simple design tricks used by brand designers. If you're wondering how to brand yourself on social media, this branding masterclass will teach you how to design a brand that will look high-end and allow you to evolve your brand as your business evolves.
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When to Invest in Brand Strategy as a Solopreneur
I’ll be the first to admit, not every small business needs a brand strategy. But every small business will benefit from one. So, how do you know if hiring a brand strategist is going to be a worthwhile investment for your small business? Unless you have extreme clarity on your business and what it looks like long-term, hold off on the brand strategy. Learn more about when it's best to invest in brand strategy for small business on the blog.
the 80 - 20 rules for branding social media and email marketing
The 80/20 rules for small business marketing plan success
If you’re a personal brand or small business, let’s keep your marketing simple, shall we? For your small business marketing plan, keep the 80-20 rule in mind for your brand marketing, email marketing, and content marketing for small business. In this blog I break down the rule for each of these marketing strategies for your small business. Let me know if you’ll use these as part of your own small business marketing plan.
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Social Media Manager Toolkit — the best Notion Content Planner Template
A must-have for any social media manager and content creator. This Notion content planner template is equipped with an easy-to-use content calendar for planning, an expansive content idea bank for on-the-go inspiration, and a content repurposing tool that saves you more time and keeps you on brand to grow your business. Social media managers and small business owners alike will level up their content marketing strategy with this content planner template for Notion
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Small Business Marketing idea: make your Brand a Lead Magnet of its Own
You can create all of the lead magnets, have the best lead magnet ideas to grow your business, but what if your best lead magnet idea was your brand? For small business owners determined to succeed, having a strategic brand that is designed to attract aligned clients to your virtual doorstep is the best thing you can invest in. In this blog, I show you how to brand yourself and turn your brand experience into a high-converting lead magnet!
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Improve Your Conversion Rate with the Holy Trinity of Branding
If you’re looking for ways to optimize your marketing for consistent conversions, you need to optimize the phases of your brand experience first. Every brand needs MEMORABILITY, RELTABILITY, and POSSIBILITY. Using the Holy Trinity of Branding as a strategy for your content marketing will improve your conversion rate. Learn how!
Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches, Real Estate Agents and Yoga Instructors Ideas, Coaching, Lead Generation, Email List, Grow Business, Types Of Lead, Real Estate One
Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches, Real Estate Agents and Yoga Instructors
Here are a few lead magnet ideas to grow your email list. This blog tells you what a lead magnet is, why it's important and offers you lead magnet examples and ideas. If you're looking for a lead magnet template get you started, you'll also find a free Canva template so you can take these lead magnet ideas for a coach and start growing your email list.
Brand audit template for personal brands, online business owners and small businesses
Personal branding tips require at least one self audit. This brand audit template has 30 questions for you to test your own clarity and build a personal brand that succeeds!
5 lessons I’ve learned as a service based solopreneur