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a woman on her laptop with the text, the strategic brand planner is perfect for those who
Branding yourself? Start with The Strategic Brand Planner
The Strategic Brand Planner is a 6-part brand planning workbook series that shows you how to create a strong brand foundation. Whether you're just starting a business, restarting your business, or scaling your business, this collection of brand planning workbooks will give you what you need to get the profound clarity that makes marketing your business online more intuitive and lucrative. From naming your business, tagline development, audience profiling, market distinction strategies, brand personality and everything in between. It's a must-have for entrepreneurs in the online business space. Get yours now!
the brand identity masterclass for solopreurs no creative skills required
How to Brand Yourself to Start Making Online Sales
The DIY branding course that every new business needs to take. To launch your new business online, you need a distinct and memorable brand identity. Skip hiring the brand designer at this stage of the game and learn the designer secrets that you can use in Canva to design a brand identity that communicates your expertise and generates revenue for your business. It's a must-have masterclass for anyone starting a business.
the do's and don'ts of branding infographical poster with text
The Dos and Don'ts of Branding Your Business
Consider this a quick crash course on branding your business with purpose. These are just 6 branding dos and dont's that you should follow to create a memorable brand identity. Read the blog for 3 more branding dos and don'ts!
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Branding a Business Course for Solopreneurs and Personal Brands
Yes! You can design your own brand even if you aren't a natural born creative. That's how I've designed this DIY branding masterclass. You'll learn the simple framework for branding a business yourself so that it looks professional, reflects who you are, communicates what you need it to, and offers a versatile brand you can use for years to come. Save thousands of dollars by branding yourself with the Brand Identity Masterclass.
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Branding trends may be tempting but they do more harm than good for your business growth
Everytime you refresh your brand identity you confuse your audience. You create doubt in their minds. You decrease brand awareness. I get it—there's a lot of impressive branding out there that tempts us to change our own branding. But this does more harm than good. Here are 4 strategies to help you avoid brand temptation and trends so you can scale your business.
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Logo Designs for Luxury Brands use these brand designer secrets
Designing a logo for a luxury brand? There are a few brand designer secrets to make part of your branding strategy. Using font psychology, luxury brands prefer thin font weights because it feels more refined. Luxury logo designs also prefer sharp angles and geometric fonts over round and bubbly typefaces. And finally, logo designs for luxury brands love lots of contrast over uniform font weights in their logo typography. Learn all about font psychology for logo designs and have your DIY brand communicate what you desire it to in my Brand Identity Masterclass. No creative skills required.
the different font styles and colors are shown in this graphic design guide for brand identity
What are the basics of branding in the age of entrepreneurship
There are many facets of a brand: from your visual elements, your brand personality, and your brand experience. All of these branding basics work strategically to support the narrative you want your audience to believe about your online business. Learn the basics of branding in the modern age on the blog.
Brand template logo template for your small business
Small business brand marketing is made easier with an original brand identity. Stand out as the leader in your industry with one of our semi-custom brand kits. Affordable. Professional. Distinct. Only one brand logo template sold per kit and will be customized by a professional brand designer to your unique business.
the branding basics checklist is shown in pink, white and black stripes with an image of
Branding Basics Checklist — online small business must-haves
Branding is so much more than your brand identity. This branding basics checklist is all about building an online business strategy with a brand that has a strong foundation. To build brand awareness, you need internal brand awareness first. This means having crafted clarity around who you are, how you're distinct, what your purpose is and so much more. Learn more about the basics of branding in the age of entrepreneurship on the blog.
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Branding Services for Small Businesses, Solopreneurs, and Service Providers
Need branding help for your small business? No matter what you're current challenges are, branding can solve that! The Studio's branding services for small business are tailored to each unique business. There's nothing we can't solve using brand strategy and design. Learn what branding tips and solutions we have to offer you!
the simple monogram logo design for creative agency by jenny henderson audio book cover image
Simple monogram logo design ideas for Personal Brand
Monogram logo designs featuring A and tagline. Logo design inspiration with modern color palette. Logo collection, brandmark designs, tagline logo designs.
Logo design template for professional branding small businesses
professional branding made easy and afforsable with these semi custom brand kits. Choose a logo design template and colour palette template you love and make it your own. Branding yourself with a professional customized touch.
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[Exclusive Design] Original brand identity for real estate professional
Affordable branding with a truly original realtor logo collection will make your real estate brokerage stand out. This semi-custom brand kit is perfect for personal brands in the real estate industry. Feminine branding aesthetic for real estate professionals. Comes with a memorable logo collection, curated font suite, editable colour palette, brand guidelines and style guide template. Customized to your business, editable colours and style guide in Canva.
the fitness brand kit is perfect for
The Fitness Brand Kit perfect for yoga and pilates studios
Starting a yoga practice or becoming a certified pilates instructor? Give your new business this professional aesthetic with this original brand identity kit. This one-time sale ensures your yoga practice has a truly original and authentic brand identity. Make it yours today!
the canadian brand kit is displayed on a table
Semi-custom brand kit with a premium and cozy brand aesthetic
Premium brand identity design featuring a high-end logo collection is exctly what this brand kit offers you at a fraction of the price of professional branding. The best part is, it will only sell ONCE, ensuring you get a truly original brand identity to distinguish you in the market.
the logo design for trailblazer collective
Make these abstract logo designs YOURS with this one-of-a-kind brand kit
This versatile logo collection is perfect for coaches, entrepreneurs, community-builders and any small business owner looking for that professional brand aesthetic. This brand identity is everything you need at a fraction of the price and there's only ONE available.
Affordable brand identity for Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners. This semi-custom brand kit comes with:
+ a versatile logo collection
+ editable colour palette in Canva or Illustrator
+ curated brand typography
+ brand guidelines for consistency
+ editable brand style guide in Canva

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Coaching, Tech Branding
Semi-Custom Brand Kit and Logo Designs for Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners
Affordable brand identity for Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners. This semi-custom brand kit comes with: + a versatile logo collection + editable colour palette in Canva or Illustrator + curated brand typography + brand guidelines for consistency + editable brand style guide in Canva ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!
the website is designed to look like it's being used for advertising and other purposes
Why your brand aesthetics matter... ⏐ social media branding design
For branding inspiration, content creation tips and social media strategy, visit our blog or follow us on Instagram @justpeachysocial. Your brand has a story and it's our job as a social media marketing agency to show the world what it is. Our mission is to help you reach your ideal clients by creating content that makes them FEEL and LEARN something. We help you maintain consistency so you can achieve the freedom you desire in your life & business.
the 80 / 20 rules for branding are shown in pink, white and grey colors
The 80/20 rule for a high-converting brand experience
Ask any marketer or brand strategist and they will tell you that a great brand divvies up like this: 80% strategy and 20% visual. So, why do so many businesses put so much onus on the latter? Because, like the tip of an iceberg, we focus only on what we can see. But what you’ll be quick to realize is that focusing on brand identity alone won’t get you very far. Check out the blog for the full rundown plus bonus 80/20 insights for social media marketing and social media marketing!
My favourite, easy-to-read script typefaces for branding Script Typeface, Font Styles Handwriting, Fonts Alphabet, Font Combinations, Brand Fonts, Script, Fonts Design, Typeface, Identity
Best free casual script fonts from Google. My favourite, easy-to-read script typefaces for branding
a woman sitting on a couch with a laptop computer in front of her and the text, free brand discovery questionnaire
[Free Download] Brand Discovery Questionnaire for Small Businesses
To become a brand that your audience connects with, it starts with strategic brand discovery questions. This free brand discovery questionnaire has 38 questions segmented by: the business essentials the brand essentials the audience the competition and the brand influencers Grab your free discovery questionnaire now and start gaining the clarity that makes branding your business a whole lot more intuitive.
the brand identity master class flyer
Brand yourself to launch your business and start making sales [brand identity masterclass]
The Brand Identity Masterclass guides you through the necessary steps to branding yourself so you can boost your credibility, increase brand awareness, and start making sales. Not creative? No problem. You don’t need any fancy design software to take the Brand Identity Masterclass. All you need is a Canva account and a day to design your brand identity. Are you ready?
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The easiest way to rebrand your business to look high-end without hiring a designer
If you've been thinking about rebranding your business to look more high-end but aren't ready to hire a designer, this masterclass is for you. Taught by a brand strategist and designer, this 80-minute brand identity masterclass shows you her best design tips and tricks for branding yourself to look high end so you can raise your prices and book more clients. The Brand Identity Masterclass comes with an 80-minute training, brand workbook, and style guide template to give you exactly what your business needs to look as high-end as the offers you're selling.
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Brand Colour Palette Framework used by Brand Designers
Branding yourself or branding your business? Your brand identity needs a colour palette that represents you, stands out, and still functions successfully in your creative and marketing. Not sure how to create a brand colour palette for your business? Start with this simple framework which ensures you have a complementary colour palette as well as enough tonal contrast for when you brand you brand yourself on social media as you launch your business. Take the Brand Identity Masterclass by Jenny Henderson Studio to learn how to brand your business professionally—no creative skills required. You can design your own unique brand in Canva.
the brand identity master class flyer
Learn How to Design Your Own Brand Identity to be Professional and Versatile
The only masterclass you need to brand your business. Want your DIY brand to look high caliber? That's what I'm teaching you to do inside this 80-minute masterclass. No creative skills required. My step-by-step branding framework shows you how to use colour and typography to create the brand aesthetic you desire so you can attract your ideal client and start making sales! This DIY Brand Masterclass includes: 80-minute training 20-Page Masterclass Interactive Workbook Resources to help you design your brand identity Brand Style Sheet Canva Template to house your final brand colours and fonts
how to create a perfect brand color palette for your small business by jenny newtonon
How to Create the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Brand
Branding your business? Eager to nail your brand colour palette so you can attract the right audience and grow your small business? Use the colour palette framework used by brand designers to create a memorable and functional brand identity. Wondering how to brand your own business? Take my Brand Identity Masterclass and learn how to design a professional logo, create a brand colour palette, and select the best brand typography to make your business stand out online. No creative skills required to succeed at branding yourself with the Brand Identity Masterclass.
the simple framework to create a brand color palette
How to Create the Best Brand Colour Palette for YOUR Unique Business
Learn from a brand designer and strategist how to design your business's brand colour palette. Colours play a significant role in attracting your ideal clients because they speak to our emotions in a subconscious way. Follow this step-by-step approach for designing your own brand colour palette and grab the free Canva template to make the process easier!
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How to Brand your Business to Look High-End on a Budget
So you're launching a business and want to brand yourself. Personal brands, new businesses, and freelancers alike will benefit from this easy-to-follow DIY branding masterclass (created by a brand designer). Not creative? Fear not! This masterclass teaches you how to brand your business using simple design techniques that help you communicate who you are, who you're for, and what you can achieve for your clients. Are you ready to brand yourself and finally look like the professional you are? This masterclass is full of the best branding tips for small businesses, solopreneurs, bloggers and freelancers!
a computer screen with the words brand identity masterclasss on it and an image of a
Design a Truly Professional Brand Identity for Under $40
This DIY brand identity masterclass was created by a professional brand designer and strategist. In 80 minutes you'll learn how to brand your business, how to brand yourself with these simple but strategic design tricks used by brand designers to attract target audiences and build trust. If you're launching a business on Instagram, make sure you have a cohesive brand identity to increase brand awareness so you can start making sales.
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the text four ways you diy brand is stalling your business growth and how to become the first choice for your future client
Don’t overestimate your DIY brand. It is stalling your business growth.
Your DIY brand is stalling your business growth. If you are in year 3+ of business yoir canva designed brand is negatively impacting how your audience perceives you. Make your first impression count every time.