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the word ac me written in cursive writing on white paper with black ink
Labels Studio — AC Monogram, Submark, Custom Type for a Luxury Candle Brand.
Designed by Labels Studio. Get in touch via for your Branding + Packaging project.
Type Exploration typography design by Range Left
Type Exploration typography design by Range Left - Fivestar Branding Agency Is A Design and Branding Agency. This Work Belongs to The Accredited Artist and Is Curated For Inspiration Only #typography #typographydesign #typedesign #typographicdesign #logodesign
Hand drawn photography logo and illustrations including a fox and disco ball. Photography, Photography Branding, Branding, Love Photography, Photography Website, Branding Mood Board
Photography Branding and Logo Design
Logo designs and logo variations featuring horse illustration, for elegant equestrian brand, Styled Equestrian Co. Equine Logo Design, Wordmark Logo Typography, Preppy Logo, Equestrian Logo, Classy Logos, Business Branding Inspiration, Self Branding, Beautiful Logos Design, Food Graphic Design
Classic logo collection for modern horse riding apparel brand, Styled Equestrian Co.
a woman's hand with two daisies on her finger and the words from farm to skin
All natural skincare products branding
From farm to skin is the tagline developed for this all natural products and skincare brand. The rebrand was long overdue and led to a modern, fresh brand identity that captured the mission of the brand and business.
some type of font that has been designed for clothing and other things to be seen
When designing logos for my clients I always design two full logo design concepts to choose from. This one was the one not chosen but I loved it equally. ⠀⠀
the wn club logo is shown in black and red, with an arrow pointing to it
Why Not CLLB. Logo
a blue and white logo with the words, starlight sky wanderr travel blog
Free Logo Maker | Create Your Logo in 5 Minutes - Fiverr
I am Brand Creators and professional business consultant. As a professional designer, I'm offering you my Beautiful logo, Creative logo, and unique Logo Design service. Fiverr online logo maker matches you with beautiful, hand-crafted logos. Get an affordable custom logo and all the branding files you need in just a few ...
a baby laying on its back with the words yemmaya safe for the whole family
Branding for all natural skincare brand
Brand identity design for pre and post natal skincare products. The branding for this all natural products brand needed a fresh new look. The logo design features a sacred geometric icon as its key icon to convey the energetics behind the business's methodology. Branding for baby brands, brand design inspo for prenatal business, logo design ideas for all natural products
the story of drama suite is featured in this collage with images and text on it
Playful, whimsical branding for educational program
This fun and playful branding is designed to appeal to children and teachers. Using a range of playful colours in the palette, a versatile logo design collection that is full of imagination makes this a timeless brand design for this startup business.
the logo design for bakery & cafe, a specialty bakery and cafe in london
the logo for la flor is shown in blue and white, with an intricate pattern
La Flora Logo and brand design by branding agency Stellen Design
For La Flor we pulled insipirationg from spanicsh tiles. We created a geometric style flower and paired it with a classic serif font. We of couse had to use the geo metric logo to creat a tile inspired pattern.
three badges with the words main stage on them, and one has a woman's face
Logo design inspiration for personal brand
Strong brand typography and a custom illustrated logo of a woman makes this a memorable brand identity. These simple design choices ensure this small business stands out online using brand colours that are impossible to ignore and a retro logo collection that evokes curiosity.
Branding für Yasmin Haynes, Online Coach für Hair & Make Up. Mit pastelligen Farben und geschwungenen Linien, die dem Movement von Haaren nachempfunden sind.
Branding - Logo für Yasmin Haynes, Online Coach für Hair & Make Up.
Branding für Yasmin Haynes, Online Coach für Hair & Make Up. Mit pastelligen Farben und geschwungenen Linien im Logo, die dem Movement von Haaren nachempfunden sind.
the main stage logo and business cards are shown in different colors, shapes, and sizes
Brand identity design inspo featuring woman logo design
For this female-led brand helping women entrepreneurs, it was important that the logo design was a woman. This retro-inspired brand identity has a lot of brand personality achieved using a bold, in-your-face colour palette and fun brand typography.