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four stained glass panels depicting the cross, doves and palm tree with blue ribbon
Liturgy and Seasons Banner Series Complete Set of 5 in 2020 | Easter symbols, Church banners, Banner
a man is holding a carved wooden statue with an angel on it's back
Archangel Michael
the face of jesus surrounded by clouds and stars
Family KaKa
a stained glass window with the image of jesus christ on the cross in front of it
Art Projects, Decoration, Kawaii, Knutselen, Comunion, Basteln
a watercolor painting of a chalice with an egg on top
two white towels with colorful designs and a cross in the middle one has an orange sun on it
TREVOR W. FLOYD & CO. – Church Vestments, Columbaria, Stained Glass, and Furnishings
an image of a bird flying in the air with blue and gold swirls around it
an image of jesus sitting on a bench surrounded by animals and birds with the bible verse