May 2024 colors and shapes

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a handmade card with the words crayos on it next to yarn and scissors
Footprint Crayons Keepsake Idea
Footprint Crayons Keepsake Idea
a greeting card with flowers and a hand print on it that says, your love helps me bloom happy mother's day
Mother's Day Gifts Ideas | Mother Gift
the rainbow handprint wreath is made from paper and painted with different colors on it
15 Super Fun Rainbow Crafts for Kids
an ice cream cone craft is shown with the words sponge painted on it and two pictures of
Easy Sponge Painted Ice Cream Craft - Happy Toddler Playtime
a child's art project made out of paper and colored crayon paint
Sponge Painted Train Craft Inspired by Freight Train
a table with a rainbow painted on it in the middle of a room filled with children's chairs
Easy Paper Art & Craft For School Projects Cool Paper Crafts for Kids 24 Best Paper Craft Youtube Ch
a child's hand holding a paintbrush and drawing on paper with the words hidden letters name art
Hidden Name Art Preschool Name Activity - Fantastic Fun & Learning
three paper plates with buttons on them sitting on a green surface and stars in the background
a piece of paper that has some type of pizza on it with the words happy birthday
two children are playing with paper art on the floor and in front of them is a large poster that says, shape art super simple kid art
Shape Art Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Busy Toddler