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Amalfi embodies your relaxed and vibrant event. Fresh and delicious seafood, citruses, foods and produce are captured in charming hand drawn illustrations, reflecting the cherished moments with friends and family who have come together from near and far to celebrate your special day. Personalised to include your course choices, these menus and place card coasters are printed on luxurious 300-350 GSM thick card stock. Create a stylish and cohesive look for your special day with this personalised package. Specifications: Includes both menus and place card coasters Menu dimensions are 148x210mm Place Card Coaster dimensions are 95mm round Printed onto premium 300-350GSM card depending on the colour chosen Personalised to your wording and colour theme to match your event. For more information,
Funky Hand drawn Champagne Wedding Save The Date Invitation

invitation card

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two wedding programs are laying on top of an envelope
a woman covering her face while sitting at a table with a cake in front of her
a woman holding a plate with bacon and candles on it
Birthday pancakes 🥞✨
three women standing in a kitchen with oranges on the counter and one woman holding a juicer
a wooden tray topped with lots of food next to glasses of orange juice and strawberries
Pancake birthday breakfast!
a table topped with pancakes and balloons
birthday morning
a green and white wedding card with wine glasses
JOIN US FOR DINNER -- tickets on our website
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two cards with the words happy birthday written on them
Mirrorball Birthday Cards 🪩
a pink plate topped with a menu next to a fork and knife on top of a table
Handdrawn floral menu with matching namecard. Simple line drawing pretty bouquet of flowers. DIY art
the wedding stationery has been designed with hand drawn images and words on it's envelopes
Minimal Floral Wedding Invitations Hoa, Kerst, Bunga
Minimal Floral Wedding Invitations
a drawing of a table with wine glasses and bottles on it, surrounded by stars
Wedding Stationery — Ofelia Botella - Illustration studio
a plate with a menu on it sitting next to a vase
Minimal hand illustrated menu design inspo. Line art, simple food sketch. Wine, bottle and glass
a place setting with flowers and wine on the table in front of it is a card that says special cocktails
May 2023’s Projects | Jolly Edition | Illustration and Stationery Made in Baltimore. Wedding Invitations, Wedding Stationery and Illustrations Custom Made. Gifts for the Home, Family, Kitchen and Kids
a flyer for brunch and sleepover
the menu for dinner is drawn in black and white, with an image of food on it
the wedding stationery is decorated with flowers and leaves, which are hand - painted
an image of colored crayons on white paper with wine glasses and vases