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two people are hugging each other with hearts in the background and one is wearing a red bow tie
Casey + Margaret
three cartoon characters standing in front of a purple background with music notes coming out of their ears
Margaret can’t sing
Casey normally is the female singer for the band, but she could not perform because she was sick. Margaret volunteered to take Casey’s place. Alas, Margaret proved herself to be an exceptionally awful vocalist.
a cartoon dog with big eyes holding a knife in one hand and wearing gloves on the other
Rhett’s sadness
He constantly feels like he is trapped in a body that is not his own.
a cartoon character playing an acoustic guitar
Morning Melody
Even though his neighbors absolutely hate it, Harold doesn’t mind playing his new acoustic guitar at four in the morning.
four different colored cats and dogs with their mouths open in front of the camera on a black background
Bohemian Rhapsody
an image of two cats wearing clothes and sunglasses
Edgar’s disguise
Clothing can really change your perception of someone
two cartoon characters standing next to each other on a train track with hearts floating above them
Whenever You Need Somebody
a drawing of a cartoon character in red pants and a gray jacket with deer horns on his head
I don’t like drawing humans. Disney Characters, Disney, Human, Drawings
Two people
I don’t like drawing humans.
a cartoon mouse wearing a pink dress and red bow tie, standing in front of a blue background
What would Harold look like as a girl? Now you know.
a cartoon character standing in the middle of a forest at night with trees behind him
Frankenstein book cover
I made a cover for the masterpiece by Mary Shelley.
a person standing in front of a cityscape with snow on the ground and buildings behind them
Calvin should’ve worn more appropriate clothes for the weather if we didn’t want to get frostbite.
a computer on the beach with palm trees in the background
Robots take selfies too!
two cartoon characters are standing in an empty room
Together Forever
Emmett and Max will you truly never give each other up, never let each other down, run around and desert one another. Never make each other cry, never say goodbye and tell a lie or hurt one another.
a cartoon cat sitting at a desk with a computer
Emmett’s office
Emmett works at Oakley Industries, a prestigious software engineering corporation.
a cartoon dog riding on the back of a motorcycle in an alleyway with other buildings
Max got a new motorcycle
He likes to ride through the city after midnight.
two cartoon cats standing next to each other
Casey’s crush
Casey is mad in love for Emmett, but Emmett only thinks of her as a friend.
a couple of raccoons standing next to each other on a green background with hearts
Rhett’s crush
Rhett would do anything for Casey, but it seems that Casey has her own feelings for Emmett instead...
a drawing of a man in a space suit with a light bulb on his head
Model “Beepo” 700
an image of people dressed up as cats and dogs with instruments in their hands on a white background
Name this band
Whoever suggests best name will get a free drawing from me!
a drawing of a computer with an upward graph on it's face and hands
Model "Homie Bot" 500
Cinderella, Family Guy, Guys
Commission for Mingo
a cartoon cat wearing sunglasses and a suit
Edgar the Cat
an image of a blue cat with yellow shoes on it's feet and arms
Commission for Evan
If Supreme copyright strikes this I will be sad
a yellow bunny with blue overalls standing in front of a blue background
Roogie the Rabbit
a drawing of a mouse wearing a yellow shirt and black pants with two claws in his hand
Harold the Armadillo
two cats are standing next to each other with hearts on the wall in the background
Max + Emmett
the world was not ready for this
a drawing of a cat wearing sunglasses and green shirt
Calvin the Sheepdog
a drawing of a person with pink hair and green shirt holding a flower in one hand
Margaret the Poodle
a drawing of a raccoon wearing a red shirt and blue pants, standing in front of a yellow background
Casey the Raccoon