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a woman walking through a field with trees in the background and yellow flowers on the ground
an outdoor seating area with white drapes and lots of pillows on the couches
The Only Positano, Italy Travel Guide You Will Ever Need
a woman standing on top of a hill looking at the water and buildings in the background
a living room filled with lots of pillows and furniture
Ann taylor petite dress at Villa Tre Ville Positano
villa tre ville positano luxury hotel bianca bar
an alley way with steps leading up to buildings
Bellagio, Lago di Como - Italia
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and potted plants on the outside wall
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Peacefull spot Marzamemi Sicilia Italy. Photo by @mazzystar_8
a woman sitting on the edge of a fountain pointing at something in the air with her hand
Looks Itália – Looks Para Usar Na Itália
Looks Itália – Looks Para Usar Na Itália
an old white building with ivy growing on it's roof
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a table with plates and cups on it in front of an arched doorway that leads to a patio
The best hotels in Puglia