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Wherever you are ... — @ersyersy | instagram


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pink flowers are growing on the outside of a storefront in front of a table and chairs
Wherever you are ...
Wherever you are ... — @ersyersy | instagram
a row of white townhouses with trees in the foreground and stairs leading up to them
Notting Hill houses and trees with blossom - My ultimate London bucket list
a pink phone booth covered in flowers
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a tree with pink flowers in front of a white building and steps leading up to it
a pink store front with flowers on the outside
The Best Cake Shops In London - THE LONDON MOTHER
an indoor dining area with purple flowers hanging from the ceiling
40 Of The Most Instagrammable Food Spots In London
40 Of The Most Instagrammable Food Spots In London
a tree with purple flowers in front of a white building
Izkiz - Travel & lifestyle
people sitting at tables in front of a building with purple flowers on the outside wall
the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london
The prettiest places in London every traveller needs to visit
Red phone booths used to be all over the city, but these days there are less and less – and further between them. The best way to catch a lot of these distinctive little boxes in one shot (with a great backdrop too) is on Great George Street in Westminster. There's a booth every few steps with a view of Big Ben in the background. [i]Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AD[/i]