Wicked tattoos

Explore a collection of intriguing and unique tattoo ideas for those who are looking for wicked designs. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and unleash your inner rebel.
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There are many skilled and passionate artists in the world. Today, we’re delving into the realm of tattoos and looking at some of the most stunning tattoo designs uploaded on the ‘Crazyy Tattoos’ (yes, with two y’s) Instagram page. ‘Crazyy Tattoos,’ a page with a staggering 1.1 million followers, showcases the finest of the great […]

Michele Sanchez
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While wearing your heart on your sleeve might cause some unpleasant explaining to be done if you love this phrase as dearly as we do, here’s a solution — armband tattoos! Yup, this way, you can both show your love for the charming expression and what you love — you know, wear your heart on your sleeve.

Linda Antczak