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Bleached Triticum Wheat - 30" Tall

Natural preserved wheat is used for many fall and autumn decorating themes. It gives height and a unique touch to any DIY rustic floral arrangement. Natural bleach triticum wheat adds a beautiful accent to your home decor. Bleached White 30" Tall 8 oz Bundle Preserved Product of the USA

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Wheat Knife-Edge Milgrain Band - Wheat Engraved Ring - Vintage Inspired Wheat Ring - Bright Cut Wheat Engraving - 14kt rose gold

Wheat Knife-Edge Milgrain Band - Wheat Engraved Ring - Vintage Inspired Wheat Ring - Bright Cut Wheat Engraving This listing is for the depicted engraved ring made to order in your size with a glossy surface finish and a bright cut engraving • The ring band is 2.5 mm in width and 2.2 mm in thickness - Its knife-edge design band with a wheat pattern engraved on both sides and bordered by a milgrain edge ** For reference 3mm is the equivalent of about two 1 cent pennies stacked together • Elegant yet simple this band is comfortable and beautiful • Made to order in your choice of 100% USA recycled 925 sterling silver, 14kt yellow, rose or white gold • I bright cut the design by hand with carbide gravers • I custom make this item to order • Ring sizing is free for most rings • I personally hand make all of my jewelry in my workshop in Egremont, Massachusetts • This ring can be engraved with a personalized message or date. Engraving is free, simply leave me a note at checkout with your requested text and or dates or feel free to reach out to me directly. - Only the narrow font will fit on this ring

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Golden Wheat Field - Art Print / 10 x 8 / Premium

Expansive and serene, "Golden Wheat Field" is for those of you who crave simplicity and wide open spaces. Collect a few of these vintage art reproductions, or choose a single piece as a large-scale focal point. They'll add a perfect touch of nostalgic charm to your modern farmhouse! ♡ Our Vintage Reproductions are found and curated by Lindsay and reproduced with permission to retain the quality and character of the original piece. We believe that mixing and matching vintage art with new creates a collected feel, so we're continually adding to our own LL collection to be customized by you!

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Wheat - Hard White (organic) - Sprouting Seeds - 35 lb Bucket

Open Pollinated. This organic hard white wheat grain will sprout well, but is really ideal for grinding into a whiter whole wheat flour for baking & cooking or for long term food storage. Hard white organic wheat berries are available in small quantity to bulk in resealable packaging. triticum aestivum Select a Different Use for This Seed: Cover Crop Grass Emergencey Storage Certified Organic Hard White Wheat Grain - Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds Soak Hard White Wheat Berries: 8 Hours Difficulty to Sprout: Easy Hard White Wheat Seed Days to Maturity: 4-5 Days Suitable Sprout Method: Tray, Sack, or Jar Flavor: Fresh and sweet Popular Uses: Soups, Sandiches, and Salads Nutrients: Vitamins B, C, and K, folic acid, and fiber USDA Certified Organic. Whole Hard White Sprouting Wheat berries. Excellent Germination Rate 98-100%. Resealable Packaging or pre-measured wheat bags for wheatgrass trays. 7-10 days for wheatgrass. 2-3 days for soft white wheat berry sprouts. Great for grinding into whole wheat flour. Outstanding choice for food storage. Microbial Tested. Hard white wheat is a high protein, high fiber variety of white wheat that produces a whiter flour and whiter light textured breads. Some folks with wheat allergies find they can tolerate hard and soft white wheat. Organic soft white wheat grain has a very low moisture content, and stores extremely well, making it ideal as a storage grain. This organic hard white wheat has a better sprouting rate than the conventional chemical free hard wheat berries.

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Wheat Sheaf Bread Warmer

Keep bread warm for serving! A welcome addition to your bread basket, once heated in the oven these natural terracotta bread warmers keep bread, buns, or croissants warm. Instructions and gift packaging are included. Handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario.  - DETAILS - Measures 4" diameter Made in Canada Durable earthenware, dishwasher-safe, lead-free, safe and natural! Pair with our Bun Warmers for a classic bread basket.

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Whole Wheat - 3 lbs

When eaten as the whole grain, wheat is a source of multiple nutrients and dietary fiber. Wheat is an important source of carbohydrates. In 100 grams, wheat provides 327 kilocalories and is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of multiple essential nutrients, such as protein, dietary fiber, manganese, phosphorus, and niacin (table). Several B vitamins and other dietary minerals are in significant content. Wheat is 13% water, 71% carbohydrates, and 1.5% fat. Its 13% protein content is mostly gluten (75-80% of the protein in wheat). Though they contain adequate amounts of the other essential amino acids, at least for adults, wheat proteins are deficient in the essential amino acid, lysine. Whole Wheat has a very long shelf life and can be kept in a cool, dry place for years. They can be ground down to make flour or boiled as is and used as an addition to salads, or as cereal, etc.

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Hard Red Winter Wheat - Organic - Cover Crop Seeds - 25 g Packet

90 Days. Triticum aestivum. Open-Pollinated. Cover Crop. Organic. Non-GMO organic hard red winter wheat cover crop seeds are one of the most tolerant and beneficial grows available to home gardeners. Heirloom organic hard winter wheat seeds are traditionally cultivated in late fall to germinate overwinter to revitalize poor soils with nitrogen, while its roots breakup heavy and compacted soils. Non-GMO organic hard red winter wheat seeds are planted in August to September to allow for longer germination period to occur while the soil is still workable. Wholesale and bulk seeds. ~500 seeds/ounce. Read more about Cover Crops: Get Your Free Cover Crop Growing Guide! Growing Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Cover Crop Garden Seeds Latin Name: Triticum aestivum Common Names: Buckskin, Common Wheat Hard Red Wheat Wheat Hardiness Zones: 2-11, Annual Days to Maturity: 90 Days (longer when sown for fall mowing) Winter Wheat Seeding Rate: 2-4 lb per 1000 sq. ft Seed Planting Depth: Broadcast directly and tamp or, for garden sowing, plant 2-3 seeds 1-2” deep Growth Habit: Organic hard red winter wheat seeds mature into a classic 30-40" tall grassy wheat field grain Hard Red Winter Wheat Soil Benefits: Replenishes nitrogen into soil, roots loosen soil to improve tilth, drainage, and weeds Grow Temp Preference: 35-65° F Garden Light Preference: Full sun Pests/Diseases/Troubleshooting: Non-GMO Triticum aestivum is a winter-hardy grain with no serious pests or diseases. Color: Classic light green field grain that turns to golden brown as harvest nears Winter Wheat Mow: When growing as a cover crop, mow down non-GMO hard red winter wheat before it begins to seed, tilling grass back into soil a month before sowing a new spring crop. About Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Cover Crop Garden Seeds Like many cereal grains, hard red winter wheat is a popular cover crop broadcasted directly in early fall for spring tilling or second year maturity, intended to overwinter. For a traditional garden harvest, sow 2-3 organic hard red winter wheat cover crop seeds ½” deep and 2-3” apart in fertile, loamy, and well-drained garden soil in full sun. Non-GMO hard red winter wheat seeds germinate in 4-10 days, with no thinning required. Non-GMO Triticum aestivum is a winter-hardy grain with no serious pests or diseases. If grown as a winter cover crop, mow to crop before heirloom winter wheat begins to seed. If sown to harvest grains and berries, then harvest hard red winter wheat when heads of seeds have become dried, hard, and heavy. Depending on size of crop, anything from a pair of scissors to a scythe would work to cut down hard red winter wheat for tilling or grain drying. Using twine, bunch up loose wheat into a bale, about the size of a bundle of wood. Allow winter wheat to dry for 2-3 weeks before harvesting hard red winter wheat berries. Like many grains of the Triticeae family, non-GMO organic hard red winter wheat berries can be milled, rolled, steel-cut, and boiled for nearly any occasion. Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Benefits Non-GMO organic hard red winter wheat is planted in the fall and harvested the following summer and will often yield more than spring wheat. Like all the heirloom winter grains, one of the major advantages to organic winter wheat is that it starts growing right away in the spring, meaning you will not get stuck in the spring moisture trying to plant. Non-GMO organic hard red winter wheat must sprout and grow in the fall and then go through a period of vernalization for it to produce grain the following summer. Which is why it is important to seed heirloom winter wheat early enough for it to establish. Like many other cover crops, organic hard red winter wheat is known to replenish tired soils of their depleted nitrogen and nutrients, while improving soil tilth, structure, waterflow, and weed suppression. Hard Red Winter Wheat (Buckskin) Berries Buckskin is moderately early maturity. It has high yield potential over a range of environments. Developed in 1973 cooperatively by the Nebraska Agric. Exp. Station and the USDA-ARS. Jointly released in Kansas. Buckskin is an awned, white-glumed variety. Awn color vaires from white to black depending on the season. Beaks are long. It is slightly talller and about a day later in maturity than Scout 66, but it has better straw strength. Buckskin is moderately resistant to soil-borne mosaic, stem rust and Hessian Fly. It is susceptible to leaf rust. Similar to Scout 66 in winter hardiness. It is a strong gluten variety with excellent bread baking quality. Plump Hard Red Wheat Berries with 13% protein can be cooked as a whole grain cereal or pilaf, sprouted for salads or juiced, or milled into flour by the home miller. Wholesale Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Cover Crop Seeds Per Package: 1 lb - Wholesale - Approximately 8,000 Seeds 5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 40,000 Seeds 25 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 200,000 Seeds Non-GMO Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat cover crop seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $45.

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