Weekly house cleaning

Discover efficient and easy tips to keep your house clean and organized on a weekly basis. Make your cleaning routine a breeze and enjoy a fresh and tidy home every week.
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Humanity has been trying to come to terms with the unique existential despair and cultural idiosyncrasies of working in an office for about as long as offices have existed. One of the latest and greatest coping mechanisms is this chaotic Facebook group where roughly 200,000 people pretend to be colleagues in a completely dysfunctional office.

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Click through for a walkthrough of the three most POPULAR weekly cleaning schedules, how to decide which one is for you, and tips for making it work! Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, for our full disclosure click HERE. So, you've got a messy house and no plan of action to get it cleaned

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Snow is melting, birds are chirping, and sunny days are on the horizon, which can only mean one thing: Spring is here! If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors but dread the process of Spring Cleaning. Like it or not, it’s time to get rid of those winter blues, open the windows, and follow a few of my favorite Spring-Cleaning tips. Let Go of What Doesn't Matter! Before doing any cleaning, it’s always a good idea to declutter and get rid of all your excess stuff…

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Working mom? Try these realistic cleaning schedule checklists for working women that are BUSY. 47 cleaning schedule templates of daily chores to keep house clean with printable daily weekly monthly cleaning tasks to schedule for your home - like cleaning baseboards and the simple things to do everyday to keep your house clean when you work fulltime. Ready to maintain a clean home? These realistic cleaning schedules will help you clean organize & declutter when feeling overwhelmed.

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How to create a weekly cleaning schedule with defined tasks for each day of the week to help you know exactly what to do for a home that's always clean enough. Smooth and shiny bathtubs, gleaming polished furniture, and crystal clear windows. We can all agree we love to have them and don't really love

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