Wedding invitation wording examples

Discover creative and unique wedding invitation wording examples to set the tone for your special day. Find inspiration and make your invitations stand out with these ideas.
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It’s finally that time to start working on your wedding invitations – yay! I don’t know about you guys, but I loved the process of finding the perfect invitations and figuring out the proper wording for them. I know, I know, invitation wording doesn’t exactly scream fun haha, but that’s where I come in! The […]

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How to write Wedding Invitation Text Remember to include the following: 1. An opening sentence 2. Bride’ name and 3. Groom’s name 4. An action sentence 5. The wedding date 6. Year 7. Time 8. Place 9. Address to place 10. Reception to follow if at same venue as wedding *** How to write a...Read the Post

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How do I word my wedding invitations? What even makes up a wedding invitation? Wording your wedding invitations can be complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Brittney's broken out the different parts of an invitation and how to word them – take a look!

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The complete guide to wedding invitation wording ideas for casual and formal weddings. Examples and ideas to make it clear. Click to learn.

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A guide to wedding invitation wording and etiquette from Fine Day Press, including what to include in a wedding invitation, when to break the rules & more!

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Alright girl scout, after we have a cocktail (or two) to celebrate your engagement, it’s time to get down to business: your invitations. And today, I’m sharing the essentials of what wedding invitations include… and what not to include. Hopefully, this roadmap will help you craft a carefully-worded invitation full of both charm and formality. Shake out those nerves, and let’s break down everything you need for the classiest correspondence you’ll ever send. In today’s post, you’ll learn two…

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