Watercolor masking fluid

Explore the versatility of watercolor masking fluid and learn how to use it to create stunning effects in your paintings. Discover tips and tricks for achieving beautiful results with this essential tool for watercolor artists.
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Ever tried painting a big wash of color around a complex shape ? There are many occasions when you want to preserve the white paper and conserve key features in a composition. This watercolor technique is usually referred to as “reserving whites”. Of course, you can paint around shapes with some intricate brushwork, but often

Debbie D
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If you know me, you know that I love working with masking fluid. I use this medium in almost all my paintings, and it is very common that people ask about it when seeing my videos on Instagram or YouTube. Here are some of the most asked questions and some tips of how to use this medium without all the hassle of ruining your brushes or paper. What is Masking Fluid? Also know as liquid frisket, masking fluid is a water-based medium used to repel paint and preserve white areas on the paper…

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I LOVE using masking fluid. Once it’s dry it can be peeled off, revealing the untouched white paper underneath. It’s a bit like magic! I first encountered this medium during my college days and since then have had a great relationship with it. I’ve just launched a Skillshare class on using this m

June L
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Resources for watercolour artists and all about my original collections by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. This blog is about me, you and all your questions about the life of an artist. I will try to answer all your questions, write about my life as an artist and share a tip or two about painting.

Nancy Meierotto
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This is the second painting in my series called Peaceful Wanderings. These paintings are inspired by the peace and serenity found in the woods. I want to share with you those feelings of calmness and tranquility that come from the beautiful woods and streams that I often find along the hiking trail. This collection is

Christal Hankey