Transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary with these stunning velvet ideas. Discover how to incorporate velvet furniture, decor, and accessories to create a glamorous and inviting space.
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Product Description Content: 20% silk (the backing), 80% rayon (the pile) Width: 45" wide We found that this shrinks 11% in Length and 4% in Width disclaimer Care Instruction: Machine wash in any temperature water Stretch: None Silk/Rayon Velvet is a soft and plushy velvet fabric that is 20% Silk and 80% Rayon. Silk & Rayon Velvet fabric is a luxurious fabric that is traditionally associated with nobility. Silk/Rayon Velvet fabrics have a rich and bursting texture that is soft and unique and…

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He was like a gravitational addiction, absorbing me in wanting supplemental endless amounts of his touch. He knew my body and my desires better than I ever could have imagined. He was an aphrodisiac taking over my entire existence. Our lust was out of control. And he wasn't even my husband... Smut from cover to cover... you've been warned 😜😘 All characters and rights belong to JK Rowling. My FABULOUS cover was created by the one and only InsufferableKnowItAl! Love you darling!! 😘😘

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Our elegant Velvet Stretch Fabric comes in a variety of colors. This fabric has a soft velvet top and is able to stretch in all 4 direction. The Velvet is made of Polyester and the stretch material is of Spandex. This stylish fabric is ideal for apparel and fashion products. Colors may vary due to differences in screen settings. Stretch Velvet is great from active wear to evening wear; can also be used for pants to skirts and more.