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Description A moderate tiedye technique. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before you tiedye any shirt or cloth is must be well saturated with warm water. Dyes work best on 100% cotton and natural fabrics. Use a dye that can be used with warm water (no boiling required). I use DYLON dyes, because they can be used with just plain warm tap water and salt and the color lasts. After you have saturated your shirt with dye wrap it up in a plastic grocery bag, a freezer bag, or plastic wrap so it's nice…

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Make your own tie dye sweatshirt. Learn tie dyeing basics to make your own custom sweatshirt and how to tie dye a rainbow swirl. If you’ve tie dyed shirts or other clothing, you’ll know the basics of tie dyeing. The main difference when tie dyeing a sweatshirt is you need to account for the sleeves. You also really have to make sure you use enough dye since it uses more than a tie dye t-shirt. #abcrafty #tiedye #rainbow #dye #dyeing #spiral #swirl

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