The moon tarot card

Explore the profound symbolism and hidden meanings behind the Moon Tarot Card. Discover its power to illuminate your path and guide you towards clarity and intuition.
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The Moon represents Pisces and the unconscious emotional state, through hiding hidden truths under the surface. It represents illusions and mystery through the forms of symbols and metaphors. The Moon brings heightened dream states, visions, and spiritual experiences. Your shadow side is revealing itself to the surface, honour this and heal your fears. The Star Keywords Imagery & Symbolism The imagery of The Moon card in tarot typically features a moonlit landscape with two towers on either…

Luciana Hernandes
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Subconscious ✷ Hidden Things ✷ Visions The Moon floats in the void, becoming a witness to mysterious things shrouded in darkness. The Moon, our beautiful celestial partner, represents the subconscious. She is the steward of dreams and of hidden things. A journey into the moonlight will reveal magic you didn’t e

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