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Discover fun and educational STEM challenges for elementary students that will spark their curiosity and problem-solving skills. Explore hands-on activities that will inspire young minds to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.
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Join us as we give you all the details about our popular Space Lander STEM Challenge and link up with some other great STEM educators sharing the BEST STEM CHALLENGE EVER! Teachers love the Space Lander STEM challenge because the students are completely engaged. Students not only learn, but deeply

Dani Reeves
Saint Patrick's Day STEM Challenges (March STEM) – Student Savvy Science Resources, Diy, Stem Projects, Stem Activities, Teaching Tools, 6th Grade Social Studies, World History Projects, Learning Tools, Stem Challenges

Teacher friends, Looking for a fun (and educational) way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with upper-elementary students? It’s typical for students to begin losing focus in the classroom, especially during holidays. Real learning does not have to go out the window just yet, you just have to mask it such a way where it doesn’t quite seem like learning

Stephanie Strong