Stairs feature wall

Transform your staircase with a captivating feature wall. Explore top ideas to add style, depth, and personality to your home's stairway.
Check out these 9 stair panelling ideas to transform your staircase into a stunning design feature. From classic wainscoting and shiplap to textured delights and nature-inspired designs, these ideas are sure to inspire you! Nature, Design, Ideas, Stair Moulding, Flooring For Stairs, Wainscoting Stairs, Staircase Molding, Stair Paneling, Paneling Makeover

Discover 9 different stair panelling ideas to add character to your staircase. With options ranging from traditional wainscoting and shiplap to textured and nature-inspired designs, you can create a unique look that complements your home decor. Try out different materials, colours, and lighting effects to make a memorable statement!

Deborah Frances-White