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But this means English "secondary school" isn't even their "high school" in the sense that US "high school" is the "highest school" you attend before University. High School In Usa, Stages Of High School, Middle School 6th Grade, High School In America, Bayside High School, British High School, School Six, National High School, British Schools

It's more like an extended US "middle school" before Sixth Form or College, which should be considered UK "High School" IMHO.

Mercedes Ayala Hernandez
My Flexible Seating Journey in the Secondary Classroom - Classroom Decor, Future Classroom, School Classroom, Ravenclaw Common Room, Crate Seats, School Tables, Bed Risers, Secondary Classroom, Bar Height Table

I’ve always been a teacher that likes to make my classroom a bit more homey than most. Even in my first year of teaching, I wanted to add lamps, a couch, and a papasan chair to my room to give it that little something extra. Well, my first year was 20 years ago, and there… Continue reading My Flexible Seating Journey in the Secondary Classroom