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Unleash your creativity with these unique scribble art ideas. Explore different techniques and create stunning masterpieces that showcase your artistic skills.
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I’m a fine artist, based in England and I am developing my skill at painting in my home studio. I mostly use oil paints on canvas and I tend to work in very few sittings. Sometimes it can take weeks to get a painting right and other times it can be done in a few hours.

Reda Žarskienė
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Portraits make thoughtful and personal gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or retirements. An illustrator can create a meaningful gift that expresses your sentiment. Portraits can capture loved ones, pets, or memorable places in a way that preserves the memories and

Sheena Awad
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Liz Y Ahmet is a UK-based, self-taught artist who creates portraits of women from hundreds of scribbled lines. What looks chaotic and even a little bit messy at first glance, with the talented hands and creative mind of this contemporary artist, emerges into perfectly detailed, expressive, and dynamic portraits. It's amazing how looping and scattered lines we used to draw as children can convey such strong emotions.

hélio braga
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As I said in the title, this artist gives the scribble treatment for animals and movie characters. Artist Jimmy Mätlik based in Sweden, Gothenburg. He explains how he got into this style of art: "I started to sketch with this black liner pen (Micron 01), but one day I made a mistake when I was sketching. It was like I lost focus but I thought this mistake looked pretty good." A lot of texture and interest added to drawings through the way they are illustrated. Which Mätlik's friends call…

Katayoun Mhd
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Scribble art technique at its best. Erick Centeno is a Peruvian artist that now lives and works in Italy. In my opinion, he is one of the best artists of the scribble technique that I have seen so far. I especially like his figures in movement and double exposures. They are so dynamically drawn. The detailing in something that at first looks so random as do the lines. At closer inspection, they morph into a truly outstanding and fluid piece of art. Press the images to enlarge them, to get a…

Vanesa Martinez Cruz