Savory halloween food

Get ready for a frightfully delicious Halloween with these savory food ideas. From spooky snacks to creepy main courses, find inspiration to create a memorable Halloween feast.
☾☾ Halloween Ѽ Savory Eats ☾☾ Musubi on bat nori w/ upright bat on end Halloween Treats, Happy Halloween, Snacks, Halloween Recipe, Halloween, Bento, Halloween Snacks, Halloween Food For Party, Spooky Food

Tweet Tweet It's that spooky time of year again. A bat theme seems appropriate, since Laurel proclaimed she is dressing up as a bat! Search for bat templates online. I found mine here and printed out the large bat. Look for wings that aren't too long and skinny--those are harder to cut out and work with. This bat is 10-1/2" from the tips of wing to wing. You could easily draw one out yourself too. Cut out the paper bat, lay it diagonally atop 2-4 sheets of nori, and cut around the design…

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Castellon's Kitchen: The 'Green' Reaper Platter (Green & Black Fruit and Cheese Tray) Diy, Appetisers, Halloween, Ideas, Cheese, Thanksgiving, Snacks, Parties, Cheese Tray

The last few years, I've used color as inspiration to guide my Halloween recipes and decorating ideas. Last year, was traditional Black and Orange. The year before, a sultry and elegant Violet. And the year before that, I went for sophisticated neutrals with black accents. This Halloween season is all about the color Green! I've already got started and blogged a few of my green ideas like these fun 'Let Nature Run its Corpse' Cakes and this dramatic Slithering Salad. So this brings us to The…

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