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Improve your relationship and strengthen your connection with effective relationship therapy. Discover top strategies and techniques to build a healthier and happier partnership.
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Listen to Amber's latest podcast episodes of Relationship Psych. Access the latest podcast episodes right here, or subscribe in your favorite podcast app. Design the emotional connection you want. Couples therapy can be expensive, but Relationship Psych gives you access to couples therapy insights without spending a dime. Create emotional intimacy and quiet relationship conflict.

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Worksheets are an effective and practical tool for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of certain subjects or entities. Specifically designed to guide and stimulate personal discovery, worksheets offer a structured approach to organizing thoughts and exploring specific topics. If you are interested in exploring deep-rooted beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, worksheets can provide a valuable avenue to delve into the principles of Rational Emotive Therapy (RET).

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Amber Dalsin, founder + psychologist, is a marriage & relationship therapist and a loving wife, dedicated to helping you create a passionate emotional connection with your partner. Ember Relationship Psychology is a resource for couples in Toronto, Canada who want to grow and heal their relationships. You'll find dedicated relationship resources, tools, + more to build your dream relationship.

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