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Janne Kearney - Gellong, Victoria, Australia artist Art, Gcse Art, Reflection Art, Science, Surreal Art, Artwork, Art Inspo, Ap Art, Art School

Janne Kearney is an artist based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Janne explains her work by saying, “I am Predominately a figurative and portrait artist, my paintings ask the viewer to disregard preconceived perceptions of people, society and at times reality. Bodywork is a series of paintings of real life tattooed people. The works are full of texture and color created in a contemporary realist manner and could be described as iconoclastic…they challenge or overturn traditional beliefs…

Birmingham, UK artist Simon Hennessey; Life through a lens (acrylic inks on canvas) Landscape Paintings, Art, Street Art, Artist, Art Works, Reflection Photography, Art Portfolio, Reflection Art, Portfolio

Simon Hennessey is a Birmingham, UK based artist who earned a B.A. in Fine Art from Solihull college in Solihull. His paintings are perceived as a reflection of reality but in truth the artwork transcends into its own abstraction of reality. Through using the camera as a visual source for painting, he is able to create false illusions that are judged as our own reality. Simon explains his work by saying, “My paintings may be viewed as a photographic representation of reality, but in truth my…

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