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Discover exciting preschool lesson plan themes that will make learning fun and engaging for young children. Explore top ideas to create an educational environment that sparks curiosity and promotes active participation.
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Two Points: This is MY method, and not necessarily right for you, your teaching or care philosophy, your set-up, or your students. Curriculum participation by my students is VOLUNTARY. I invite them to participate, but if they choose not to, then that is fine. I usually offer them a choice of a few of the activities and let them decide where we start and where we go. An engaged child learns, a dis-engaged child rebels. The 3-year rotating curriculum is theme based. Some times we stick to the…

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March Preschool Themes is full of hands-on learning activities for the beginning of spring. You’ll find St. Patrick's Day activities, plant and flower ideas, sensory play, rainbow crafts, Dr. Seuss activities, Preschool Science, and more. Weekly Preschool Themes and Preschool Activities for the whole year

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