Preschool halloween party

Get ready for a spooktacular preschool Halloween party! Explore fun and spooky ideas to make this party a memorable experience for the little ones. Don't miss out on the excitement and start planning your party now!
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It’s my turn to bring a snack to my son’s preschool this week, Halloween week. The school has a no-sugar policy, which I appreciate, but I still wanted to bring in something festive. I had my craft supplies out from the mummy s’mores I crafted up and used the same tutorial to make apple sauce […]

Cleuza Souza
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Will's monster bash birthday party was a hit! Let me just get this out there before I continue, the birthday party was inspired by Pinterest. I'll out myself before anyone says, "Hey, did I see that on Pinterest?" Yes, yes you did see it on pinterest. Nothing was original, and I'm a total copycat. But, guess what, it doesn't matter because... Will loved it! He's been super excited about his birthday party for weeks. We invited several of his little buddies from church, his cousins and other…

Vayla Stradling