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Discover the must-have pocket knives for everyday carry. Find the perfect blade for any situation and be prepared for anything life throws your way.
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Athena Russo is a strong, brave and independent women, who has been through things that most people can't even imagine. At a very young age she was taken from the arms of her loving family and into a world of pain. Her life gets turned upside down as she finds out about her family. The family that she never knew about. The family she was kidnapped from. Will she accept her new family and tell them about her past? Will they trust her and tell her their secret? Find out by reading... TW…

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About this item 【Simplicity At It’s Finest】 CJRB Feldspar series was designed to be a true everyman’s knife with a simple, highly functional design and true attention to small details that make this knife shine as the perfect EDC tool. 【D2 Steel —— Strength and Durability】 D2 is a tried-and-true performance steel that stays sharp and performs well under the harshest conditions. It has high wear resistance and anti-wear properties,we Harden ours between 59-61 HRC in order to achieve peak…

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Korth is the named used by two brothers, Rick and Rudy Lala, for their knife making endeavor. The Lala brothers live in Brazil and they produce some ground breaking work. Aside from their knives, which I'll get to shortly, the Lala brothers are co-inventors of the Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS) which is used by many knife makers as the opening/closing mechanism for their knives. The knives created by Rick and Rudy are quite good but what is especially remarkable are the pieces featuring…

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