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Bring your old and damaged photos back to life with professional photo restoration services. Preserve your precious memories for generations to come.
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It’s a funny thing about me; if I see a damaged picture, sometimes I just really, really want to fix it. It’s almost like my fingers start tingling for the Wacom pen so I can get started. It doesn’t happen every, single time, but when it does good things usually happen. So, I decided to take a little time and fix one of them… About 6 (working) hours later, I was done with the first one I picked. It wasn’t one of the worst, but it sort of spoke to me.

Keith Kidd
I Restore ‘Unrestorable’ Photos, And Here’s The Result (10 Pics) | Bored Panda Vintage Photos, Portraits, People, Films, Olds, Old Pics, Old Photos, Bored Panda, Old Photography

I occasionally take on requests to restore damaged family photos in Photoshop. Some of these photos have suffered heavy damage, and I enjoy that particular challenge. Most are precious in one way or another to the client, and many times it’s the only photo someone has of a beloved or lost relative.

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Photoshop’s Neural Filters have revolutionized the way we edit images, enabling us to accomplish tasks in an instant that used to require very advanced skills. And there’s an amazing new kid on the block, the Photo Restoration Filter, that delivers magical results. If you’re like most photographers, you have boxes of old photos—many of which look pretty bad. And because family and friends consider you an “expert,” you’ve probably been asked to repair their scratched and faded photos too.

Geoff Obergan
10 "Unrestorable" Photos Restored By Michelle Spalding | DeMilked Vintage Photos, Portrait, Digital Photography, Old Photo Restoration, Old Photos, Photo Restoration, Photo Editor, Photo Repair, Photography Challenge

Before digital photography became widely available, all we had was film and paper photos. Now, this is not too bad - the old black & white or warm-colored film photos will always have a special place in our hearts. Sadly, as time passes, negatives fade or get lost and paper photos get damaged, leading to some of our most treasured memories slowly fading away. But don't get sad just yet - there are talented artists who dedicate their time and skill to restoring fading old photos that some…

Elizabeth Coyne