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Explore fascinating real life paranormal experiences and stories shared by individuals who have encountered the unexplained. Get ready to be intrigued and amazed by these extraordinary encounters with the supernatural.
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We have seen so many movies on paranormal activities and some of them are even based on a real story. It would be fair to say that horror movies and TV shows do provide very good visuals to a horror story which makes the story appear to be more realistic. You are able to imagine

Jodi Stewart
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"I looked back and that 'thing' was in the middle of the road. I ran home, hyperventilating, which scared my parents. I didn't sleep that night. The next day, my dad went there to see if something made sense and then he told me what was there: a circle of stones and a cross in the middle."

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Paranormal stories can be fun to be heard, as they rise a certain excitement within you, might as well give you chills. But these stories aren't always fun to be experienced in reality. They often leave people pretty disturbed for longer times. There have been many instances where most of the supernatural or paranormal activities

Kolby Jorgensen