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Even though tiramisù is actually a fairly recent invention, this dessert of coffee-soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone cream enjoys an iconic status among Italian desserts. Its name stems from the phrase tirami sù, an Italian expression which literally means pick me up, a reference to the uplifting effects of sugar, liquor, and coffee

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The iconic Caesar salad was named after its creator Cesare (Caesar) Cardini, an Italian immigrant who lived in San Diego but, circumventing Prohibition laws in the United States, operated a popular restaurant in Tijuana, just south of the Mexican border. Back then, in the 1920s, during the Prohibition era, Tijuana was flourishing as many Californians, including Hollywood jet set, would often drive over to party and enjoy the good life

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RECIPE VIDEO ABOVE. Juicy strips of beef smothered in a sour cream mushroom gravy - a quick dinner everyone will love! KEY STEPS: Sear beef super quickly for maximum juiciness and use a large skillet (for quick sear + fast sauce reduction). Stroganoff calls for good beef but if you only have a budget cut, use this easy Chinese method to tenderise the beef (it's called "velveting"). It's life changing - and perfect for Stroganoff.

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