Organizing important documents binder

Stay organized and easily access your important documents by creating a dedicated binder. Discover effective strategies to keep your important papers in order and find them when you need them.
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Often when I first meet with clients who are struggling with their handling of paper, their biggest challenge is getting their hands on information when they need it quickly. Imagine if you had one place to go to find your insurance policy number or find your bank account and routing number fast. How about what […]

Erica Lapera
How To Make AN Emergency Binder In Case You Die - Important Documents Binder Checklist Organisation, Emergency Binder Checklist, Organizing Paperwork, Emergency Preparedness Binder, Life Organization Binder, Emergency Binder, Family Emergency Binder, Documents Organization, Organization Hacks

How to organize important documents in a binder AND what important paperwork, documents and info you NEED in your In Case of Emergency binder. Paper clutter is no joke – SO …