Music lessons for kids rhythm games

Make learning music fun for kids with engaging rhythm games. Discover top ideas to teach rhythm and enhance musical skills in a playful way.
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Rhythm is a vital component of music. A strong rhythmic foundation is arguably the most important facet of music. Without a rhythmic framework in place, music lacks structure and a solid foundation. With my piano students, I often start with rhythm when learning a new piece. We tap and count out lou

Liz Hicks
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Pass the Shoe is a fantastic song for practicing steady beat in the elementary music classroom. It's a short song with a catchy tune, making it easy for students to internalize. The accompanying game can be modified in multiple ways to fit nearly any age group and skill level.

Christine Sass
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We're focusing on practicing rhythms and preparing kindergarten students for quarter notes and eighth notes (ta and ti-ti/ du and du-de). We’ll start with steady beat activities then move to whole group instruction, small group practice, and finally a meaningful wrap up to bring home what your kindergarten musicians learned. I’ll share specific examples, sample dialogue between you and your students, and things you can use in your classroom- including a free worksheet!

Rachel C