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If you do one thing to improve your relationship with money - it MUST be this. There's a simple way I manage our money that most people don't know about, but it's an awesome life skill to have! Hint: It has to do with your bank account! Money Management Tips 101 Budgeting Tips, Saving Money, Ways To Save Money, Debt Advice, Financial Tips, Budgeting Money, Way To Make Money, Budgeting Finances, Budgeting

As a CPA, I know how important it is to have your finances under control. Even though I have been trained to use complicated strategies to managing money, I don't actually do anything complicated when it comes to my money. In fact, there is one thing I recommend that everyone do that is quite simple, but I don't think many people do it: Open a second savings account Before you say, 'That's stupid' and leave because you're angry that I made you come read this post to find out my super secret…

The difference between people who settle for less and those who ‘make it happen’  Is the simple distinction of “How can I afford that” and “I can’t afford that”  90% of things in life is just believing you can do it then you go out and get it done  Hence why when you don’t think you can do it…  It doesn’t get done.  So next time you head into something, hype yourself up  KNOW that you can do it. Mindfulness, People, Asking The Right Questions, Getting Things Done, Shit Happens, Believe In You, Just Believe, Settle, Broken People

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I love sharing helpful finances tips like these great money tips! So if you’re looking for good frugal living tips, read these money saving tips over! #FinancesTips #FrugalLivingIdeas #MoneySavingTips Budgeting Tips, Acupuncture, Best Money Saving Tips, Budgeting Money, Managing Your Money, Savings Plan, Money Saving Challenge, Budget Saving, Finances Money

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Balancing your money is the key to having enough, most of us work hard for our money and the last thing we want to do is throw any of it into unnecessary charges, unpredictable funding and unplanned emergencies and it is so sad that this happens to a good majority of people, causing their pockets to bleed.

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