Middle school syllabus

Design a comprehensive and engaging middle school syllabus that sets the stage for a successful academic year. Explore top ideas to foster a positive learning environment and keep students motivated.
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Of of the most engaging and interactive ways to start the new school year is by facilitating a back-to-school station activity in your classroom. Using back-to-school stations as a classroom activity during the first week of school a great way to get your students up and interacting with each other. Furthermore, back-to-school stations are also great for getting to know your students and handing out important class information.

Stacey Johnston
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Hi friends, I have had multiple ideas of posts I have wanted to share with you all about preparing for teaching in middle school, so I decided to combine them all in to one HUGE post :). This post really came to be because, in my true nature, I am not a middle school teacher ... Read more

Mary Yockey
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Since building relationships with your students will be the KEY to your classroom management throughout the year, a simple "Meet the Teacher" sheet can also go home - even copied onto the back of the syllabus. Let your students know WHO YOU ARE! Let them know you are a human, just like them!

Lindsay Gould

This single classroom procedure has made a HUGE difference in my experience teaching middle school. My first year teaching I didn't do this and I knew that something needed to change. I decided to put into a place a daily bellringer for every one of my classes. I am a Family Consumer Sciences teacher so I teacher 4 different classes!You can call it whatever you want to call it but I call it a bell ringer because my students are expected to be doing it as soon as the bell rings to start…

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