Middle school science syllabus

Create an engaging and interactive middle school science syllabus that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. Explore top ideas to make science class exciting and memorable for your students.
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Hi friends! A couple years ago I started to see some really fun infographic style syllabus templates on Pinterest. Some of them were editable, but required me to use Adobe type programs that #icanteven. I think someday I really need to figure it out, but I just don’t have the patience for that right now. ... Read more

Missy Stewart
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Hi friends, I have had multiple ideas of posts I have wanted to share with you all about preparing for teaching in middle school, so I decided to combine them all in to one HUGE post :). This post really came to be because, in my true nature, I am not a middle school teacher ... Read more

Mary Yockey
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Looking for a great first day of school? Here's a piece of advice. DON'T just have them read the syllabus! Here are some alternatives for a memorable first day that gets you off on he right foot with your students and sets clear expectations for how you want the class to be. Zombies! What is it? Yes, I said zombies! One of my FAVORITE first day of school activities is having students work in groups to defeat the invisible zombies that are taking over the classroom. Interested? Read more…

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