Local honey

Explore the numerous health benefits of using local honey. From boosting your immune system to soothing allergies, find out why you should make the switch to local honey today.
Herb-Infused Honeys : so doing this with the sage and pot of raw honey on my kitchen bench, when I get home tonight #beekeeping #HoneyYummy Home Remedies, Mason Jars, Herbs, Herbs & Spices, Herb Infused Honey, Preserving Food, Raw Honey, Canning, Herbalism

If you peek inside my cupboards, you’ll see countless little jars of herb and honey concoctions that are both delicious and healing. Making herb-infused honey has become one of my favorite ways to use leftover sprigs of thyme from cooking dinner, a handful of wild mint found while foraging, or the buds of an edible flower bouquet. There are five steps in making herb-infused honey.

Kay Valdez Noble