Living Wall

Transform your space with a vibrant living wall that adds a touch of greenery to your home. Explore creative ideas to design and maintain your own living wall garden.
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We’re thrilled to have talented Interior Designer, Lauren Beattie of LO Studio, back with us today to give her advice on how we can design greenery into our home. Related article: 10 external building materials you may not have considered usingRelated article: A sleek new build with modern design and sophisticated style Words by Lauren ...

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Remember when vertical gardens first hit the scene? They were glorious, but they all seemed to require access to a 20-story building, an impossibly high-tech irrigation system, and approximately three million dollars worth of plants. These days there are vertical gardens—and vertical garden tutorials—to suit every space, style, level of skill, greenness of thumb, and plant budget.

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A living wall, green wall, vertical garden or garden wall is a wall that is covered with plants. They are often designed to cover a blank wall or fence that is undesirable to look at, or to create a feature. With careful plant choices a living wall can be established in full sun, shade or even inside.

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Introduction Red brick walls are a design staple, with their warm tones and unique texture adding a rustic charm to any space. However, choosing the right paint color to complement your red brick wall can